17 Mile House

The 17 Mile House was built in the 1860’s and was an important stop for emigrants coming from the south heading into Denver, Colorado.  This house is on the famous Cherokee Trail and was named appropriately since it was 17 miles from Denver, Colorado.  Mile houses were situated every two to three miles along the Cherokee and Smoky Hill Trails leading into Denver.  The 17 Mile House and the 4 Mile House are the only two remaining houses that exist in their entirety today.

I captured this image of the 17 Mile House around sunset one evening. I wanted to give the image a vintage feel so I processed it in black and white and applied some grain and red filter to boost some contrast in the scene. The house looks like it’s ready for the next traveler.

17 Mile House
17 Mile House – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

Capture Notes:

  • This a really terrific “Americana” photograph. Wonderful tones in the B&W conversion.

  • I want to go here and see this!

  • I just love this, Rick. Totally nostalgic! I’d love to pop by here and photograph it myself, it’s one of those kind of places that calls to me!!

  • Love this! Great shot and really like the B&W here!

  • Beautiful B&W image, I love those clouds!

  • Wonderful shot, Rick. The old world feel of this shot really suits this subject and what a fabulous sky!