911 GT3 RS

I’m sharing something a little different today.  I normally don’t share automotive images, but tuning cars and driving fast used to be one of my passions.  I used to visit the track quite frequently and share in some club events and have a chance to see how fast I could go around the track. I still have friends who like to race and starting back a few years ago I brought my camera out and took some images during the local Porsche Club event and a few make it to their High Gear magazine for publication.

I think the most fun I have is getting to take a few laps around the track as a passenger during the events. It’s always a joy to see how passionate people are about racing and making their cars go faster. I have another motorsports project I’m working on and hopefully will publish a series later this summer. Tomorrow I’ll share some more images from this weekend’s club racing. You’ll get to see a few more details around the event.

This is one of my favorite images from the weekend. This is a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. It’s Porsche’s car that is built for the race track, but just happens to be street legal. If I had an extra six figures lying around I’d probably have one in my garage to play with on the weekend. 🙂  “There is no substitute. Porsche.”

A 911 GT3 RS racing at High Plains Raceway as part of the Porsche Club of America's Rocky Mountain Regions track event.
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  • Hey, how did you get a shot of my Porsche? Nice shot Rick. You froze the car perfectly with your pan.

    • I thought the driver looked familiar!

  • Panning to perfection here Rick! Incredible details dude, great work

  • I can already hear Jeremy Clarkson giving Richard Hammond crap about his VW Bug. This one looks a big tweaked from the standard GT3 RS.

  • Wow Rick! The panning here is perfect!

  • Nice capture Rick! You panned this perfectly. Well done bud! Those GT3’s are amazing vehicles.

  • That’s awesome man, good job! I too share your like for taking turns at high speeds. My wife hates that 🙂

    You ever see that corny G-Force commercial?

    • Thanks. No I’m not sure I’ve seen the G-Force Commercial.

  • This is using using panning technique, right?

    • Yes, I was using the panning technique.

  • Wonderful car. Captured very nicely

  • Oh man, what a crisp, awesome image. Well done Rick.

  • That is a very cool car. My claim to fame is that I once owned a Porsche 924 – the baby of the Marque. We now have a Porsche dealership 3miles from our home. So we get to see a large number of cars including the GT3 RS. I’d love to own a 911.