A Fuji X100T View of New York City

I had the opportunity to visit New York City on business back in October of this year. Since I was staying over on a weekend my wife decided to head out for the weekend and do her first visit to The Big Apple! We didn’t try to do everything but just get a flavor of the city for my wife’s first trip to NYC. I didn’t want to carry around a bunch of equipment with me, but just have a small portable camera to capture some details of the city and get good quality images I could post process if needed and also transfer some to Instagram while walking around the city.

The Fujifilm X100T fit the bill. It’s has a 23mm f/2 fixed lens (35mm full frame equivalent) but a fantastic APS-C 16 megapixel X-Trans sensor. It has some great low light, high ISO performance and since the viewfinder and menu system are much the same as my Fujifilm X-T1 it was second nature to use.

Fujifilm X100T
Fujifilm X100T

Since this trip, it’s my go to camera when I’m just heading out for a quick trip and hanging out with friends. I don’t have to think about what lens to bring because it’s already been decided. Creatively this now frees my mind to decide on the composition. Are there times I miss having a telephoto zoom or a wide-angle?  Yes there are, but then I find another composition and that thought about “I should have brought my other camera” goes away. I did use the pano feature while I was at the Top of the Rock to capture a city view so while it has a fixed lens the pano is a sort of stop gap for capturing a wide angle view if needed.

Are there quirks with the camera? Yes there are but I’ll go over my likes and dislike in a future post. In the meantime, here a gallery of images from my NYC trip. Click on an image and you can view it in large image slideshow view!

All images process from Fuji RAW Files in Photoshop Lightroom CC using VSCO Film packs.

  • Michael Criswell

    Great shots Rick, love that selfie shot, Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • catdaddy

    Damn fine set. DAMN fine. I love the variety of locales and subject matter. You went from one end of Manhattan to the other!! I’m tired just from looking.

    • RickLouiePhoto

      Thanks so much for the kind comments! My wife was tired after all the walking but was able to experience a nice tasting of NYC for the two days she was there. Have a great weekend!