A Road Less Traveled

I had ventured down this dirt road behind the Double RL Ranch just out of Ridgway, Colorado many times. This year during the Colorado Fall Tour it didn’t look too promising.  The aspens were still very green and it didn’t look like the colors were there on the trees and the normal clearing with the view of Mt. Sneffels just didn’t do much for capturing a fall scene. With the help of Chris Nitz behind the wheel this year, we decided to head back behind the Ralph Lauren’s Double RL Ranch into some open forest land. We ventured down a road less traveled.

The road was very muddy and this year with the large Suburban it was sliding along and having to pass other vehicles on a road really only meant for a single Jeep. We pressed on and came up on some cows grazing in a stream and ventured down into the shallow creek not knowing what was in store for us just beyond a set of trees. Coming up out of the creek and through the trees it was like the heavens opened up and gave us the most amazing scene with a view of Mt. Sneffels and a glow on aspen trees that left us with our mouth open in amazement. The aspens were green all the way up and through this clearing the colors just burst upon us catching us all by surprise!  There was so much to capture. I’m sure we spent 2-3 hours venturing from one spot to the next, even trying to sneak up on some cows that would not have anything to do with being caught on film.

Here’s a panorama of the wonderful opening with Mt. Sneffels in the background. It seems every year there is one place we visit on the tour that just takes your breath away. I can’t want to find that new spot next year.

A Road Less Traveled | Click to See the Panorama Large or to Purchase

Capture Notes:

  • That certainly was a highlight of the tour Rick. Of course, we had plenty of other highlights but this one was so unexpected, it stands out.

  • Michael Criswell

    How Sweet, what a bonus for you guys!

  • Johnny Boyd

    Thanks for the video your link. I have photographed those tepees over the years and always wondered what they were used for and what they looked like on the inside….now I know.

    • RickLouiePhoto

      Glad that was helpful. Thanks for stopping by!