An Evening in Butler Gulch

Some of you may remember my trek up to the top of Jones Pass last summer.  I thought I would share another image from down below in Butler Gulch.  This image was taken around 9pm that evening.  Justin Balog and I were capturing some long exposures and light trails of the vehicles still venturing up and down the Jones Pass Rd.  This image shows a truck’s light trails coming down from Jones Pass and a campsite in the valley below the top of the pass.  It was just one the wonderful Colorado evenings giving way to the light of the full moon.

An Evening in Butler Gulch - ©2012 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
Click to Enlarge - An Evening in Butler Gulch - ©2012 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

Capture Notes:

  • Nice capture Rick! Love the motion in the clouds and the tiny light flare from the truck’s headlights.

  • Fantastic shot Rick! That blue is perfect. I love the motion in the image as well. Wonderful capture Rick!

  • Great shot Rick! I agree with the “panel” love the motion in this!

  • I like the headlight trails. They add a bit of mystery and intrigue to the shot. Also, the colors due to the moonlight are rather cool.

  • That is so cool Rick! Really creative and well executed!

  • Cool shot Rick. That cobalt sky is freaking sweet.

  • A great night indeed!

  • Lovely! The stars are great.

  • Incredible shot. The light trails add a nice touch and really you have to view this larger to do it justice. The stars sparkle. Outstanding.

  • Great capture Rick. Moving clouds in an evening sky is such a cool look.