Aspens Aglow

One of my first passions in photography was long exposures.  I was just amazed by what the camera sensor could pick up that the human eye couldn’t see.  I thought today I would share a couple of long exposures with you from my weekend trip to the Colorado Southwest.

This first image is from Ohio Pass. The moon was intensely bright for being a quarter crescent, but I took a chance and shot an exposure overlooking the valley at Ohio Pass. When I saw the result on my LCD, I started squealing like a little girl! I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It looked like daytime but with stars. Thanks to Ryan Wright for allowing me to borrow his Canon 14mm f/2.8L II.  It’s an amazing lens! Wish I could afford the $2100 for the lens. Good thing for

Aspens by Moonlight
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This second image was the idea of Ryan Wright.  I just had to set up my camera and watch it unfold.  We setup in a clearing surrounded by aspens and below the clearing was a road. Casey and Ryan took turns driving the car on the road below with the headlights on and it illuminated the aspen trees surrounding the clearing and gave an intense glow to the trees.  Here’s the result.  It’s one of my favorite images from the trip.

Aspens Aglow
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I taught a class on long exposures to a group of photographers last year in the Grand Tetons.  It was such a joy to see grown photographers giggle with joy when they shot their first successful long exposure. I hope that I can teach it again and am working on some workshops for the 2013 season.  Stay tuned for some announcements coming later this year.

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