Beyond the Edge

I thought I would share one last image from Mt. Evans.  This image was taken looking toward Abyss Lake from above the trail.  I zoomed in closer to add some compression so it appears that there is a ledge dropping off to the valley below. The sunshine broke through the ceiling of fog to light up the valley below that added to the effect of having this window and a drop-off.

There was only about a 30 minute window as the sun was setting and then the fog set back in.  Ryan and I drove down the mountain in thick fog.  We couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of my car.  I had to leave the headlights off since it hindered my vision as it reflected off the wall of fog.  We drove down the mountain with my parking lights on luckily with just enough evening light before the fog lifted at Echo Lake so I could turn my headlights on again.

Southern View from Mt. Evans
Click to Enlarge: Beyond the Edge
  • wonderful mood to the scene Rick. I’ve only been to Mt Evans once before in the 90’s and saw a thunderstorm below us. Too bad I wasn’t shooting back then.

  • You make me wish I still lived in Georgia so I could go hiking in the Appalachian mountains. I’m digging these!

  • Looking you could fall straight into nothing! Great job Rick!

  • Another great shot. I love the low hanging clouds…it makes the image so moody.

  • Terrific shot Rick! Love the clouds!

  • Hope you folks are OK – we are hearing news here in the UK of some huge fires in the Colorado Springs area. Stay safe, Rick

    • Thanks, Andy. My parents are safe. My cousins were evacuated, but safe and that’s what matters. They have it 20% contained as of today so things are looking good for getting people on to recovering.

  • Awesome shot here, Rick. This has such a mystical feel to it, beautiful work.