Bison in Grand Teton National Park

It’s really starting to feel like Spring. I noticed this week that the grass is starting to turn green, weather is getting warmer and the birds are starting to chirp. I thought I would take you back today to some green pastures. This is a lone bison in Grand Teton National Park that I spotted in the lush green wildflower field. I really look forward to wild flowers in the high country and this warmer weather is just what it’s going to take to get it started.

Grand Teton National Park is on my list of place to return this year and I’m really looking forward to the trip back. There is nothing like the huge green pastures jutting right up agains the steep Teton Mountain Range. It’s such a beautiful site that really can’t be explained in words. It really must be seen by with your eyes.

I postponed a trip to The Great Sand Dunes National Park a couple of weekends ago, but it’s all set for this weekend. I really looking forward to getting back to the tallest sand dunes in North America. It is 149,512 acres of 8,000 foot sand peaks! Do you have some places lined up to visit this year? It’s not too late to start planning. If you have any questions about locations you have seen on my site, please let me know. I’d be happy to give you any tips for your trip!

Have a great weekend and get out and enjoy the Spring!

Bison in Grand Teton National Park
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Capture Notes:

  • ljsaltiel

    I really need to get to see Great Sand Dunes NP. Every time I am in Colorado, I try to get there and never do. I feel your excitement about the Tetons. When are you headed there? I will be there in July. Nice pic by the way.

  • What an amazing photograph, Rick. That is an amazing animal there, and your composition and timing on grabbing this one are just spot-on!