Boreas Pass

Boreas Pass ia a mountain pass about 90 minutes from Denver located on the Continental Divide.  It’s my go to location near home for capturing fall colors. Boreas pass connects the towns of Como and Breckenridge, Colorado. Back in the 1800’s the road was used for stage coaches and then for Narrow Gauge Railroad. During the summer months the pass is usually passable by passenger car and is a popular for bicyclists.

The fall colors are already plentiful.  It seems early this year.  The Breckenridge side of the pass seemed especially colorful with not only the gold, but also some reds and oranges. I’m looking forward to getting down to the San Juans this weekend. Hopefully the colors hold out for my trip this weekend.

Boreas Pass
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  • I love this series on the aspens in fall. Every year I get emails from friends in Colorado about the change of seasons, weeks before we see it for ourselves.

  • Absolutely stunning Rick. I love it,

  • Friggin killer man!

  • Beautiful shot!

  • That’s a beauty!

  • Great shot, Rick. I really like how this leads the eye into the background of the image. Good stuff!

  • Sweet shot Rick! I just got this exact same shoot last weekend. Hopefully it turns out the same.