Brighten Up Your Day!

I thought I would brighten up your Tuesday and take you back to the sunflower fields. I don’t do enough macro/closeup work so I have to force myself to think about it. Sunflower fields make it so easy! I just find the textures and colors so fascinating!  I hope your week is starting off on the right foot and if not hopefully this will perk you up!  Have a great week!

Bright Sunflower
Sunflower to Brighten Your Day! | Click to Enlarge.

Capture Notes:

  • Adam Olson

    What an awesome shot Rick! Where did you take this?

    • RickLouiePhoto

      Thanks, Adam! This shot was taken at a field on 120th and Hayesmount Rd. north of DIA. Get there soon before they wilt. There is also a large field on Tower Rd. between 56th and 71st.

  • Michael Criswell

    Damn I wish I lived closer to you! awesome

    • RickLouiePhoto

      Thanks! Come out anytime!