Canyon Mountains

I’m continuing on with my Upper Antelope Canyon week. Today I thought I would turn it on its head a little bit. Normally you would see the amazing saturated colors of the slot canyons, but the textures and contrasts also lend themselves to black and whites.

This image is actually the side of one of the canyons and was a beautiful image in its own right, but  when I turned my head 90 degrees it just jumped out at me. If you turn your head 90 degrees to the right you will see the canyon wall.  Some day I’ll post the color image of this canyon wall. The monochrome treatment really seems to bring out the detail in the sandstone. Click on the image to see it large for full effect.

To me this looks like an aerial shot above a range of mountain peaks. I guess that’s why I named it Canyon Mountains.  What do you see?

Check back on Thursday for my special Antelope Canyon Valentines image!

Canyon Mountains - Upper Antelope Canyon:
Canyon Mountains – Upper Antelope Canyon | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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