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Boxster 981

If you can remember a couple of month’s back I did a shoot of  Red Porsche Boxster S.  The images of the Boxster 981 were featured as this month’s centerfold layout in High Gear.  I thought I would share the final layout with you today.

Porsche 981, Boxster S, Centerfold Layout - High Gear October 2012

Porsche 981, Boxster S, Centerfold Layout – High Gear October 2012

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Super Chevy Show

This past weekend was the Super Chevy Show at Bandimere Speedway.  Some of the top Outlaw class drag cars from around the country came out to the show to see who was the fastest.  Chuck of Finishline Performance doesn’t have the carbon fiber bodies of some of the top racers, but was just hoping to get a time under 8 seconds in the quarter-mile.  Chuck didn’t quite meet that goal, but ran a personal best this weekend at just over 8 seconds and at a speed over 170 mph!

The guys at Finishline finally have a flash down of the final run and should be able to tweak enough to get under 8 seconds this coming weekend’s Outlaw class race.  Chuck’s looking forward to finally breaking the 8 second barrier.  Here are a couple of images from his run.

Chevy Nova drag racing wheelie

A reasonable 8.0 second final run of the day.

I thought today however I would show you some highlights of the amazing classic Chevy’s (and other GM products) at the show. There were just some beautiful cars that brought back a lot of memories of when I was growing up. I remember driving around in my dad’s ’58 Olds and ’62 Corvair and my cousin with a glove box full of tickets in his Red Impala SS. These are cars you just don’t see on the road much anymore.

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2012 Porsche Boxster S

Sorry for the lack of posts last week, but it’s been a hectic 10 days for me.  I’m still recovering from my DROBO failure and so things in my digital dark room are still not back to normal, but most importantly I’m able to get my client jobs out on time. I am excited that resulting from a crazy week my work will be featured in 3 upcoming magazines and another cover photo!  I’ll share those articles when they are published here in the upcoming months.

This past week it’s mostly been motorsports related for Rick Louie Photography.  I thought since I had so much motorsports content, I thought I would share a few from this past week. I’ve was lucky to have met a couple of magazine editors this week and gotten to know them on a personal level that led to this photo shoot this past Sunday. The editor had on loan a 2012 Porsche Boxster S in Guards Red and needed some photos for a spread in an upcoming magazine featuring the Boxster.  Luckily I was available and so we met down in the warehouse district near the RiNo district in downtown Denver to shoot the gorgeous car.

If you are in the market for a fun sports car you can read more about the Porsche Boxster S ->here<–.

2012 Porsche Boxster S

2012 Porsche Boxster S

2012 Porsche Boxster S

2012 Porsche Boxster S Wheel
2012 Porsche Boxster S Dash

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Porsche Club Race

I had the pleasure of shooting for the Porsche Club of America this weekend at the local Rocky Mountain Regions Porsche Club Race.  Club Racers from around the country brought their trailers full of amazing race cars to High Plains Raceway (HPR) this weekend to battle it out here in Colorado. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the lot so full, filled with trailers, some housing as many as 3 team cars. The most amazing were the Porsche GT3 Race Spec Cars (No A/C, passenger seats, power windows in these cars!) that were battling it out to win the Enduro and Sprint Races.

I thought I would share with you a quick image of two GT3’s battling it out in Turn 2.

GT3 Cup Cars battling in Turn 2 at High Plains Raceway during the PCA Club Race

Click to Enlarge

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Post Parade Hot Track Driver's Event

It was another successful Driver’s Event by the Rocky Mountain Region Porsche Club at High Plains Raceway. The weather was hot and so was the action on the track. The most important part is friendships were gained and driver’s learned how to drive faster and negotiate the track more efficiently. Here are a few highlights from the Driver’s Event.

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At The Track

Yesterday I took you inside Finish Line Automotive and Performance for an automotive performance tuning session on the dyno.  Today I’m taking you out to Bandimere Speedway for some racing action. Proof is in the pudding when you can take what you have done in the shop and then produce results at the track.  Greg and Jonny’s cars are always the top performing cars at the track.


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Finish Line Performance

I’ve been working with Finish Line Automotive Performance, a local automotive performance shop here in Denver capturing images for their shop and for their customers.  Greg Zerban and Jonny Santanni are passionate about making cars and trucks go fast! Their customers cars are regulars out at Bandimere Speedway and they are also one of the sponsors of the Fun Ford Weekend. Finish Line tuned cars are known for being the fastest at the track producing 1000+ hp winning cars.

Today’s post takes you into Finish Line Performance’s shop for an inside look during a dynamometer (dyno) performance tuning session. The dyno measures the torque and horsepower produced by a car or truck.  The result of this session was a 5.0L Mustang producing over 700 horsepower!

Tomorrow I’ll take you to Bandimere Speedway to see some of Finish Line’s Customer’s Cars in action.

Dynojet 224 xLC eddy load chassis dyno

Dynojet 224 xLC eddy load chassis dyno

These straps hold the cars on the dyno.

Connecting the Mustang up to diagnotics

The monitor’s dashboard shows how the car is running.

Jonny Santanni at the cars controls.

Greg Zerban diagnosing engine problems

Checking the Timing

Diablosport Performance tuning chip

Greg Zerban adjusting the chip for better performance.

Here is some other images around Finish Line’s performance shop:

Whipple Supercharger

Custom fabricated headers

Custom fabricated Intake

What shop would be complete without the shop dogs!

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911 GT3 RS

I’m sharing something a little different today.  I normally don’t share automotive images, but tuning cars and driving fast used to be one of my passions.  I used to visit the track quite frequently and share in some club events and have a chance to see how fast I could go around the track. I still have friends who like to race and starting back a few years ago I brought my camera out and took some images during the local Porsche Club event and a few make it to their High Gear magazine for publication.

I think the most fun I have is getting to take a few laps around the track as a passenger during the events. It’s always a joy to see how passionate people are about racing and making their cars go faster. I have another motorsports project I’m working on and hopefully will publish a series later this summer. Tomorrow I’ll share some more images from this weekend’s club racing. You’ll get to see a few more details around the event.

This is one of my favorite images from the weekend. This is a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. It’s Porsche’s car that is built for the race track, but just happens to be street legal. If I had an extra six figures lying around I’d probably have one in my garage to play with on the weekend. 🙂  “There is no substitute. Porsche.”

A 911 GT3 RS racing at High Plains Raceway as part of the Porsche Club of America's Rocky Mountain Regions track event.

Click to Enlarge/Purchase - 911 GT3 RS

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