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‘ve decided to move to the Fuji X-Pro 2 and maybe in the near future the Fuji XT-2 (depending on specs) for my setup so I’m selling all my Canon Gear and extra Fuji gear I’ll no longer be using.  It’s all in very good shape, some equipment used more than others and some almost brand new. Here is your chance to get some great equipment and discounted prices.  Items will be removed when sold.

Contact me if interested in any of this equipment

  • Yongnuo YN-E3-RT Flash Transmitter – $40
    • Like New
    • Took it out of box to test – Only used for testing

Yonguo YN-E3-RT Flash Transmitter_1.jpgYonguo YN-E3-RT Flash Transmitter_2.jpg


Contact me if interested in any of this equipment

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Milky Way over Mt. Evans

Back to Mt. Evans and Summit Lake again for this image. The storm clouds were just clearing on top of Mt. Evans as the evening got dark enough to capture the Milky Way. Some of the clouds were just dissipating as I captured the Milky Way over the Mt. Evans and it appeared as if steam were rising from the mountain, almost as if an volcano was erupting. Something and unique and different capturing the stars during our Jamboree last year.

Astro Eruption

Astro Eruption – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Sunset Milky Way

I found this image unprocessed from the Astrophotography Jamboree a couple of years ago. This was taken from Summit Lake near Mt. Evans as the sun has set below the horizon.  The light from the sunset was still highlighting the evening clouds below the mountain and above Denver. It created a unique silhouette the hillside, while making the clouds golden and being so high in elevation you could see the milky way illuminated in the sky overhead. It was such a unique combination of lighting situations. I was just lucky enough to capture it.

Sunset Milky Way

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John Moulton Homestead

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone back into my archives, but since I’m heading back to Grand Teton National Park I thought I’d look back through my images to look over some past scenes and also to see if there were some I never got around to processing. I noticed this one of the John Moulton Barn and Homestead.  Many images are taken of the famous Thomas Moulton Barn, but this is his brother John’s Barn and homestead.

I caught this image right after the morning sunrise and used a 17mm tilt-shift to capture the wide perspective as the storm clouds rolled past the homestead. The morning light is really nice on this homestead after sunrise and the sage give it a nice foreground element leading up to the homestead.

I’m looking forward to heading back to Wyoming again and hopefully showing some photographers this area who have never seen it before.  It’s truly a sight for the senses!

Home on the Range

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Twilight Bells

Part of making sure you get a good spot at the Maroon Bells during the fall season is to get there early prior to sunrise. Even though getting up at 3:30am is not a pleasure of mine, being able do some astrophotography while waiting takes away some of the pain of getting up early.

I’ve never created an astrophotography shot in black and white, but I felt this kind of minimalistic look to this image warranted a conversion to black and white. I applied a VSCO Film preset to this image from their Film 07 Night Tungsten Pack, the Kodak BW400CN Night Tungsten and with some tweeks to produce this image.

It’s just the simplicity of the Maroon Bells and the stars at twilight.

Twilight Bells

Twilight at Maroon Bells | Click to Purchase

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Diamonds in the Rough | Colorado Fall Colors

The Colorado Fall Color Tour starts in 10 days!  Colors are already starting to turn here in Colorado and I’m really getting excited for this year’s tour.

This year we have Armando Martinez out starting off the tour with a wonderful Lightroom/Photoshop training session and we’ll end the tour with a Full Moon!  It will be one of the biggest moon’s of the year!

Here’s a glimpse of things to come.  One of the images from the Capitol Peak area near Aspen.

Diamond in the Rough | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Fire in the Sky

Last Friday was our Sunflower Jamboree with my friends at The Photo Frontier. Smoke from Wyoming and the west coast entered the state that day due to the forest fires and created a haze in the sky.  It didn’t make for great pictures while the sun was out but then at sunset all the colors from the ash came alive in sky along the horizon!  It was one amazing sunset!

Firey Orange Sunset over the sunflower fields near Denver caused by the smike from forest fires in the western US.

Fiery Orange Sunset over the sunflower fields near Denver caused by the smoke from forest fires in the western US.


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Arrowhead Golf Club | Denver

I’ve never had a chance to capture the Lion formations from the north side Roxborough State Park at Arrowhead Golf Club, but this past summer I had the opportunity to capture a wedding through my portrait business, Rick Louie Studios and took an opportunity to capture the beautiful red rock formations. It’s an amazing view down the valley and give the Arrowhead its signature views.

I took some artistic license for this image and applied a pastel preset to it that I normally only use for portraits. It gives the image sort of a dreamy look to it.

Afternoon Sun on the Red Rocks surrounding Arrowhead Golf Club in Roxborough Park, Colorado

Arrowhead Golf Club | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Burst of Sunshine

One of my favorite focal lengths lately has been at 35mm.  It’s close enough to give subject matters a normal look without distortion yet allow for environmental elements to be shown in the scene.

This image was taken during sunset and clouds started to get darker and cover the horizon, but just above the horizon there was a break in the clouds and the sun came piercing through and created an amazing orange glow on the horizon. I wanted to capture the sunflowers a little closer so I decided to use the 35mm focal length and stopped down the f-stop to f/11 to give the sun a little starburst.  I cropped this in a panoramic format eliminating some distracting light in the sky.

Sun breaking through the storm clouds at sunset over a sunflower field near Denver, Colorado

A Burst of Sunshine – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

This is always a fun time of year. I really enjoy the sunflower season. Tomorrow is a full moon.  I hope that you can join The Photo Frontier and I for our Sunflower Jamboree.

Sunflower Jamboree

Sunflower Jamboree

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Fall Fireworks

Many landscapes are often captured with at wide-angle or at with a standard lens, but sometimes to really capture some of the details I’ve grown quite fond of using my 70-200mm lens to capture landscapes.  It allows you to zoom in on scenes and compresses the landscape to bring out the detail you would not normally see with a standard or wide-angle lens.

This image was taken along Capitol Creek Road in the Snowmass Wilderness last fall.  I call it Fall Fireworks because the small groves of aspen appear like burst of fireworks along the rolling hills. I shot this from atop a hillside looking out over the valley of wonderful fall colors and this grouping of aspen groves leading up to Capital peak caught my eye. It was just some amazing pops of yellow, gold, green and orange among the natural turf of the hills surrounding it.

Fall Fireworks

Spaces are filling up quickly for my 2015 Colorado Fall Color Tour. I’ve only have 3 spots left. I hope you can join us so you can see wonderful places such as the Snowmass Wilderness above.

Sign before April 15 for the Early Bird Discount and receive a $200 discount.

Colorado Fall Color Tour

Colorado Fall Color Tour


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