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Hardrock 100

Each year in the San Juan Mountains ultra-marathoners run through the night for 100.5 miles with a total elevation change of 67,984 ft. – average elevation of 11,000 ft for the Hardrock 100! I captured this lone runner just as the sun was coming over the horizon plodding along over to the next mountain pass. Cheers to these amazing athletes!

Hard Rock 100

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Snowy Barn

Just outside the town of Crested Butte there is quite a bit of farmland. On this particular morning after a winter storm the fresh coat of untouched powder covered the barn and the fields surrounding it. The bluejay blue skies are normally seem uneventful, but were a perfect backdrop along with Mt. Crested Butte for this Snowy Barn Scene.

Snowy Barn

Snowy Barn – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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A Glimpse of Capitol Peak

In this year’s fall tour we headed toward the Maroon Bells Snowmass wilderness area from Telluride. Rain   and we had been in rainy weather the whole day. In the afternoon we ventured down Capitol Creek road. The rain had let up and the sun was peaking through periodically through the fog and clouds. The clouds teased us in hopes of seeing Capitol Peak, but just gave us glimpses of the mountain above.

The hills below Capitol Peak were filled with color. The saturated golden-yellow, greens and browns were a stark contrast to the rising granite of Capitol Peak so I put on my telephoto to capture this scene just as the fun pierced through the clouds highlighting the gray granite mountain.

Capital Peak peaking through the clouds in the Aspen Snowmass Wilderness Area during the fall.

A Glimpse of Capital Peak | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Fall at Ophir Pass

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post.  I’ve been traveling for the last couple of weeks, first for my Colorado Fall Colors Tour and then out to the east coast with a little visit to NY and then to Acadia National Park in Maine with a group of photographers for the annual nXnw get together. It was another successful Colorado Fall Colors tour greeted with some rain this year, but did not disappoint and finished off with an amazing sunrise at Maroon Bells this year.  Look forward to that image in the coming weeks.

One of my favorite passes that isn’t too technical in terms of off-roading is Ophir Pass.  It’s greater with aspen fields at the beginning and end of the pass and then a spectacular view down a valley into the town of Ophir with aspen trees and the reddish ore color of the mountain side. The colors this year were amazing and filled the hillsides with golden, and orange aspen color.

Here is a 9 shot panorama I captured near the top of Ophir Pass. I shot a majority of the tour with my Fuji X-T1 and it was refreshing. I find it to be a very capable camera, especially for landscape photography.  I’ll share more in a review coming up in the next few weeks.

A view of Ophir Pass during the fall season.

Fall at Ophir Pass | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Ophir Pass Road

Here’s another image of along Ophir Pass near Telluride, Colorado.  This is also known as Forest Road #630 that provides a connection between U.S. Highway 550 north of Silverton, CO. to the historic mining town of Ophir. The road traverses over 11,789 foot Ophir Pass, offering alpine views of the upper Ophir Valley and neighboring peaks. This image shows the road as is straddles the side of the mineral colored mountain side along the pass. The rich colors of the minerals of the mountain make a wonderful contrast to the green of the hillside trees and foliage.

Ophir Pass Road

Ophir Pass Road | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Ophir Pass

Ophir Pass is a off-road 4WD trail that takes you from the Telluride over to the Million Dollar Highway (Hwy 550) near Silverton, Colorado. The historic town of Ophir is actually home the oldest A/C plant in the US and if you remember from my previous post the 2nd oldest is at the top of Bridal Veil Falls outside of Telluride, Colorado.  The road from Telluride and Ophir over to Silverton was a wagon road between mines. The pass reaches the top at an altitude of 11, 789 feet.

On this day we took the pass it was a very clear day an you could see the valley below formed by the Howard Fork of the San Miguel River.  On the right is the volcanic peaks of Lizard Head and in the distance the 3 Fourteeners, Mt. Wilson, Wilson Peak and El Diente. I need to explore more of the mountain passes near Telluride. The views are spectacular!

Ophir Pass Panorama

Ophir Pass Panorama | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Winter Vista | Rocky Mountain National Park

It has been a hectic winter at the home front and I haven’t gotten out this year as much as I have wanted. I finally was able to get out to Rocky Mountain National Park with some friends and got out to do some snowshoeing before the snow disappears.  Luckily last week we got some snow here in Colorado. April actually is Colorado’s snowiest month. The ski areas this year have had a wonderful season and some are staying open longer than usual since they received so much snow this year.

We ventured up the back side of Nymph Lake and I captured this image looking out toward Continental Divide and the jagged edges of Powell Peak and McHenry’s Peak. I think I need to start getting out more. I was really winded this trip and before you know it Spring and Summer hiking season will be upon us.

Rocky Mountain National Park isn’t really crowded yet so the deer and the elk were out grazing without many worries of people being around. I’m sure that will change here in the next month or two. If you didn’t catch my deer crossing video this weekend, here’s a link to the video.

Have a great weekend!

Winter view at Rocky Mountain National Park looking out at Powell Peak and McHenry's Peak.

Winter Vista – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Full Moon Rising over the Divide

I’m taking you back a few years with this image.  This is Jones Pass here in Colorado.  I took this venture with Justin Balog.  Such a great day and this image has almost everything you would want in an image, except maybe a reflection.  It was taken at sunset and so the clouds have some of the warmth from the sun on the right, full moon rising on the left and mountains off in the distance, the Continental Divide, and snow on the ground.  It was our perfect storm.  I remember distinctly fighting with myself, do I capture the sunset or the full moon rising and there I was running from one side of the mountain to the other to try to capture both and then stopping in the middle to capture this panorama.  You can read more about the adventure in previous posts.

Full Moon Rising at Sunset at Jones Pass Overlooking the Continental Divide.

Full Moon Rising at Sunset at Jones Pass Overlooking the Continental Divide | Click to Enlarge

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12 Best Landscapes 2013 – Part 2

This is part 2 of 12 Best Landscapes 2013 and I continue on today with 2 more of my favorite landscapes. We stay in the Grand Teton National Park area. My first image today was however not in the National Park, but on the west side of mountain range on the Idaho Side of the Teton mountain range. This image was taken from Driggs, Idaho and a view that was a first for me this year. It challenges for one of the best views of Grand Teton Mountain I’ve ever seen. The west side of the mountain range is surrounded by farmland the mountain is magnified as it standup among the rolling grassland on the Idaho Side of the Tetons.

Idaho Grand Teton Sunset

Idaho Grand Teton Sunset | Click to Enlarge

Image number 4 takes us back into Grand Teton National Park, but this time at night along Oxbow Bend. Oxbow Bend is a quiet bend in the Snake River with amazing views of Mt. Moran and is known for some amazing sunrises with spectacular reflections on the Snake River. The river at that bend is slow-moving and makes for glass like water to give off that amazing reflection. Ryan Wright and I went there at night this time to capture some stars and the Milky Way. Here is the Milky Way and the stars reflecting off of the glass-like water at Oxbow Bend.

Milky Way at Oxbow Bend by Rick Louie Photography

Milky Way at Oxbow Bend | Click to see it Large


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Cottonwood Pass

Cottonwood Pass sits on the Continental Divide in Southwest Colorado between the Gunnison and San Isabel National Forest at 12, 126 feet. The pass goes over the Sawatch Mountain Range between Gunnison/Crested Butte to the West and Buena Vista on the East.  The road in the winter months is closed due to snow and this image today was taken in late September and as you can see snow had already started to accumulate on the pass.

This view if from the top of the pass viewing was along the Sawatch Mountain Range with a small alpine pool below to the left and on right the range leads you over toward Aspen. I didn’t realize it as the time, but there was a person standing down by the alpine pool and so that gives you a sense of scale for the image. The fall colors started late this year in Colorado due to tall the moisture, but as you can see in the valley below hints of colors were starting to show.

I wanted to take this time to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I appreciate all my readers and appreciate all the wonderful comments and encouragement this year. Have a wonderful holiday!

Cottonwood Pass -

Cottonwood Pass – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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