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County Road 9

One of the most beautiful roads in the Uncompahgre Wilderness during the fall is the West Dallas Creek Road, or County Road 9. There is an amazing view of Sneffels Mountain Range towering over the West Fork of the Dallas Creek, colorful scrub oak and the surrounding valley full of large groves of aspens. It’s one of the highlights of my Fall Tour and I look forward to seeing this area every year.

West Dallas Creek Road

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A Road Less Traveled

I had ventured down this dirt road behind the Double RL Ranch just out of Ridgway, Colorado many times. This year during the Colorado Fall Tour it didn’t look too promising.  The aspens were still very green and it didn’t look like the colors were there on the trees and the normal clearing with the view of Mt. Sneffels just didn’t do much for capturing a fall scene. With the help of Chris Nitz behind the wheel this year, we decided to head back behind the Ralph Lauren’s Double RL Ranch into some open forest land. We ventured down a road less traveled.

The road was very muddy and this year with the large Suburban it was sliding along and having to pass other vehicles on a road really only meant for a single Jeep. We pressed on and came up on some cows grazing in a stream and ventured down into the shallow creek not knowing what was in store for us just beyond a set of trees. Coming up out of the creek and through the trees it was like the heavens opened up and gave us the most amazing scene with a view of Mt. Sneffels and a glow on aspen trees that left us with our mouth open in amazement. The aspens were green all the way up and through this clearing the colors just burst upon us catching us all by surprise!  There was so much to capture. I’m sure we spent 2-3 hours venturing from one spot to the next, even trying to sneak up on some cows that would not have anything to do with being caught on film.

Here’s a panorama of the wonderful opening with Mt. Sneffels in the background. It seems every year there is one place we visit on the tour that just takes your breath away. I can’t want to find that new spot next year.

A Road Less Traveled | Click to See the Panorama Large or to Purchase

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Colorado Sheep

The land around Telluride is some of the most beautiful ranch land in the country. The ranches are active ranches and home to many of the Colorado Sheep ranches. Almost every time I head down I seem to encounter Peruvian Sheep farmers tending to their flock. Herding sheep is one of the few industries that still allows for migrant workers and it takes these South Americans and their skills to maintain these flocks of sheep. It’s a lonely job, just out in the wilderness with just your self, your dogs to keep you company walking the many miles of ranch land tending to the sheep to make sure they stay safe.

My last trip we came upon this large herd crossing the road on the Last Dollar Ranch. It just made for an amazing scene with the Sneffels Range in the background. I don’t speak spanish well, but the sheep herder was kind enough to let me capture a picture of him, skin weathered from the many days out on the range.

Colorado Sheep with the Sneffels Range as a back drop on the Last Dollar Ranch near Telluride, Colorado

Colorado Sheep | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

The Peruvian Sheepherder and his companion in the Uncompahgre National Forest on Last Dollar Ranch near Telluride, Colorado

The Peruvian Sheepherder | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

Colorado Sheep Capture Notes:

Peruvian Sheepherder Capture Notes:

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West Dallas Creek Road

West Dallas Creek Road is one of my favorite places to venture when I’m down in the Telluride area of Colorado. It just exemplifies why I love the Uncompahgre National Forest. Beautiful flowing scenery leading up to same amazing majestic mountains. I can’t wait to show this off again in two weeks on my Fall Colors Tour when the hillside is filled with the gold of the aspens and oranges and reds from the brush oak. It’s just one of the amazing scenes where you just want to pull out a rocking chair and soak in the beauty for a few hours.

A scene along the West Dallas Creek Road in the Uncomahgre National Forest near Telluride, Colorado with the Sneffels Mountain Range in the distance.

West Dallas Creek Road | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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West Dallas Creek

Here’s a quick post from West Dallas Creek and a view of the Sneffels Range. I’m heading back down to Telluride this weekend for a quick trip to do a little scouting and also to hear some Jazz (Telluride Jazz Festival). I’m really looking forward to my Fall Colors Tour down in Telluride. The tour is full this year, but hopefully you can join me next year.

The Sneffels Range view from West Dallas Creek near Telluride, Colorado

West Dallas Creek | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Sneffels Range

My apologies for the lack of posts lately. Life’s events have taken over the last few weeks and hopefully it will get back to normal soon. I haven’t gotten out to shoot as much as I’ve wanted to but definitely have the itch to do something creative again. I have some creative projects on my list of ideas and so now it’s time to make one of those projects happen.

This image is the Sneffels Range located in San Juan Mountains just outside of Telluride, Colorado and was shot near the Last Dollar Ranch. The storm clouds were rolling out from storm that hit that morning in the Telluride area and it made for a spectacular afternoon of moving cloud goodness! The afternoon sun created a nice warmth to the scene and lit the mountain range perfectly just as the clouds were rolling over.

I do have a Colorado Fall Colors Photography Tour coming up in September of this year and so I’ve been starting to do some of the final planning around the trip. There is still an opening if you are thinking about a fall photography tour this year. I would love to have you out here in Colorado and show you around so you can see beautiful scenery such as the Sneffels Range shown in this image.

The Sneffels Range in the San Juan Mountains just outside of Telluride, Colorado

Sneffels Range near Telluride, Colorado | Click to Enlarge

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12 Best Landscapes 2013 – Part 5

We finish out the 12 Best Landscapes 2013 in Colorado. Image #8 is something panorama of the Milky Way along Ohio Pass near Crested Butte, Colorado. This image was taken on a clear evening this past year during my fall photo tour.  One of the benefits of not having any clouds in the sky makes for an amazing sky at night especially when the moon is small in the sky.

A Panorama of the Milky Way Over Ohio Pass

Milky Way Over Ohio Pass | Click to Enlarge

West Dallas Creek is home to one of the most amazing fall scenes and is image #9 of my 12 Best Landscapes for 2013. This is Mount Sneffels and is a prominent 14 thousand ft. peak near Telluride and Ridgway, Colorado. The Sneffels Meadow here in this image contains some of the most amazing fall colors in Colorado and is a definite must see for photographers. It will definitely be one of the places we visit next year during my Colorado Fall Colors Photography Tour.

A View of Mt. Sneffels and Sneffels Meadow along West Dallas Creek near Telluride and Ridgway, Colorado

Sneffels Meadow | Click to Enlarge

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