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Arrowhead Golf Club | Denver

I’ve never had a chance to capture the Lion formations from the north side Roxborough State Park at Arrowhead Golf Club, but this past summer I had the opportunity to capture a wedding through my portrait business, Rick Louie Studios and took an opportunity to capture the beautiful red rock formations. It’s an amazing view down the valley and give the Arrowhead its signature views.

I took some artistic license for this image and applied a pastel preset to it that I normally only use for portraits. It gives the image sort of a dreamy look to it.

Afternoon Sun on the Red Rocks surrounding Arrowhead Golf Club in Roxborough Park, Colorado

Arrowhead Golf Club | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Afternoon Fountains | Roxborough State Park

I was out one afternoon a couple of weeks ago showing some friends some scenery around town and so I had to swing down to one of my favorite areas near Denver, Roxborough State Park.  It was still mid afternoon and the sun was still a bit harsh, but the shadow play against the fountains is still beautiful. If you ever make it to the Denver area, make sure you visit this gem just southwest of Denver.

The afternoon sunshine on the fountains at Roxborough State Park, Littleton, Colorado

Afternoon sunshine on the Fountains at Roxborough State Park | Click to Purchase/Enlarge.

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Snow Covered Fountains – Roxborough Park Colorado

I know the East Coast is getting hit by some severe snow storms. I wish all my friends and family back east warmth and safety.  Stay Safe.

I thought I would share some more images from here in Colorado from out last snow and hopefully bring you some of the beauty here in the winter months from Colorado. One of my goals has been to capture the red rock fountain formations here in the state during the winter and for whatever reason it hasn’t happened until this year. Boy, I need to get out in the snow more often. It was absolutely beautiful and worth the effort to bundle up and get out in the elements.

Here are some fountain formations in Roxborough State Park. I love the way you can still see some of the red rock and the dusting of snow on the trees and brush surrounding the formations. Nothing like standing in solitude with an incredible view.

Stay safe and warm, everyone!

Snow-Covered Fountain Formations in Roxborough State Park, Colorado

Snow-Covered Fountains – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Winter in Roxborough Park

I thought I’d take you back to my winter outing and this time down behind the hog back to Roxborough Park. I was looking for dramatic spires in the snow and since it was a little cloudy and over cast I knew I could get a little closer to the fountain formations in Roxborough Park. Luckily it was late enough in the morning that the park was open and there were quite a few cross county skiers and snowshoers already on the trails at Roxborough.

I didn’t really go prepared to do any snow showing so I just ventured out in my Sorels on to the trail and started hiking in the snow.  There was a foot of snow in some place so it was a good workout that morning heading up hill in just my boots and a backpack full with my camera equipment and tripod. I guess I had a little too much holiday food anyway so I needed a good workout.

I was treated to the view I had envisioned and while it was a little foggy/cloudy in the distance I was able to bring it in with some added contrast post processing. The bland sky didn’t add much to the scene so I process this as a monochrome to highlight the formations and the contrast with the snow.  This is Winter in Roxborough Park.

Winter in Roxborough Park, Littleton, Colorado

Winter in Roxborough Park | Click to Enlarge

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12 Best Landscapes 2013 – Part 4

We stay in Colorado for the rest of the journey. Here’s image number 7 and it comes from Rocky Mountain National Park. I was conducting a photo tour in Rocky Mountain National Park this past September and it so happens that week we had our 500 year rain and flooding which made for a rain filled photography tour. We were actually lucky to get out of the park the last day since the three main roads on the eastern side of the park were washed out. We ended up going over Trail Ridge Road to Grand Lake. The funny thing about the Western side of the park just over the Continental Divide was the weather was quite pleasant and gave me a chance to do some exploring on the side of the park I visit the least.

I think this year I’m going to spend some more time on the west side because there is some amazing scenery in the Kawuneeche Valley and Never Summer Mountains are also an awesome site! This image is Adams Falls and can be reached along the East Inlet Trail that feeds into Grand Lake. There is some beautiful open meadows along this trail.  Water was plentiful making for a full waterfall with vibrant green foliage!

Adams Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park

Adams Falls | Click to Enlarge

Very close to Denver is a state park called Roxborough. The western edges of Denver along the foothills brings some amazing formation of red rocks. One of the most famous formations is the amphitheater named Red Rocks. Just south of the amphitheater is Roxborough State Park which is just behind a hogback. You would never know it was there from driving along the roads, but you get back behind the hogback and there are some amazing jaw dropping scenery! I captured it one morning just after sunrise with blue tones mixed with storm clouds that really offset the reddish-orange rocks making for an amazing scene! Roxborough Park is image #8 in my 12 Best Landscapes 2013.

Storm over Roxborough State Park at sunrise by Rick Louie Photography

Storm Over Roxborough – Click to Enlarge

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Red Horned Mule Deer

Back in September I saw this herd of mule deer just outside of Roxborough Park. One of the most interesting things I noticed was there was a couple of bucks with these red rust colored horns. I had never seen a mule deer with this shade of horn. My only guess is there is something environmental with the red rocks in the area that is making for this red colored horn.  Most of the mule deer have the white/gray/tan/bone colored horns. Anyway I was close enough to capture this image and thought I would share it with you today.

Anyone ever seen a red horned mule deer before?

Red Horned Mule Deer

Red Horned Mule Deer near Roxborough Park – Click to Enlarge

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Roxborough State Park

Here in the southwest suburb of Denver is a little gem of a state park, called Roxborough State Park. You wouldn’t know how beautiful it is by driving the roads around the outside of this park.  It’s hidden behind the Dakota Hogback and when you come around the corner into the park you are greeted with beautify red rock formations that rise from the valley floor in dramatic fashion!  It’s truly a site and awe-inspiring beauty!

Once a month they open for sunrise and so if you don’t mind the early rise you will be greeted with spectacular contrasts of the sun shining off the rocks in the early morning. This particular sunrise morning there was quite a bit of over cast so the sun didn’t peek out until about an hour after sunrise, but I happen to catch it from the Fountain Valley Overlook.  Here’s a panoramic view of Roxborough State Park.  Truly a gem hidden away just minutes from Denver.

Roxborough State Park

Roxborough State Park | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Prancing Deer

I was out at Roxborough State Park this weekend as they open once a month just before sunrise.  I didn’t quite make it to the spot I was hoping to get to by sunrise, but did manage to capture some nice images, which I’ll share at a later time.  As I was leaving the park I came upon a large heard of mule deer. The females were grouped together followed by a smaller group of bucks in the open pasture just before the hogback into the park. I pulled over and was able to capture and watch them graze and move down the pasture.

Another car came over the road and spooked the females and I witness this amazing and beautiful prancing deer as they hurried across the prairie grass. I captured this doe in mid stride. It was such a beautiful movement and just wanted to share it with you today.

I hope you are having a good week!

Prancing Deer

Prancing Deer – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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