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Hardrock 100

Each year in the San Juan Mountains ultra-marathoners run through the night for 100.5 miles with a total elevation change of 67,984 ft. – average elevation of 11,000 ft for the Hardrock 100! I captured this lone runner just as the sun was coming over the horizon plodding along over to the next mountain pass. Cheers to these amazing athletes!

Hard Rock 100

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Sunrise at Governor Basin

Governor Basin was amazing a couple of weeks ago. The trail to Governor Basin was a bit muddy, but the drive paid off with lush greens colors and amazing wildflowers which offset the deep rich colors of the ore and soil within the basin and the Saint Sophia Ridge. This is sunrise at Governor Basin near Ouray, Colorado in the Umcompahgre National Forest.

Sunrise at Governor Basin

Sunrise at Governor Basin

The funny (and not so funny) thing is when I went to grab my camera and tripod out of the back of the 4Runner, I realized that my tripod didn’t make it on the trip. I accidentally left it at home.  Luckily I had my Gorillapod with me and improvised to capture a sunrise shot.  The nice thing about the Gorillapod is that it was low to the ground and was able to pull in some of the low lying wildflowers for the image.

Fuji X-T1 on Gorillapod

Fuji X-T1 on Gorillapod

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Last Dollar Road Sunrise

The light is always dramatic at the top of Last Dollar Road and I can always count on coming away with a great image at Sunrise or Sunset. The light comes in from the left or the right of the scene depending on the time of day and creates some dramatic and amazing contrasts and textures, especially during the fall season with gold aspens spread across the mountain side below Mt. Wilson.

This was the final sunrise in Telluride for my fall tour this year and Last Dollar Road did not disappoint. I just love the brilliant gold color brought in just as the sun rose above the horizon contrasted by the iron ore red alpenglow along the Mt. Wilson range. The light was amazing and seemed like every few minutes the scene would change to create another great image.

I can’t wait to take my next set of tour guests to this wonderful place.

Sunrise view from Mt. Wilson from Last Dollar Road in the Fall

Last Dollar Road Sunrise | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Maroon Bells

One of the places that I’ve never captured has been Maroon Bells during the fall season. The thought of having to get up at 3am to go fight for a spot among 100’s of photographers has never been on the top of my list, but this year I had the request from my tour group to head up to Aspen so I extended my tour by a day and put in on the last day of the trip. Heading up to Aspen on Sunday of my tour was filled with rain and we had only caught glimpses of sun peaking through.  The forecast wasn’t looking good for a Monday morning sunrise at Maroon Bells. Damon, one of the participants this year was a meteorologist and volunteered to check the forecast early in hopes that the clouds would clear in time for sunrise.

Sure enough at o’dark:30 with an exchange of text messages we got out of our comfy beds and headed toward Maroon Bells. We arrived to a fairly empty parking lot, but as we got to the lake there were already people lined up, some who had camped out and were making breakfast, as we walked past them in the dark with our headlamps leading the way. We took the opportunity while waiting to do some astrophotography as we waited for the sun to rise and give us some alpenglow on the Bells.

Well I hate to admit it, but the morning was just about perfect.  Clouds clearing over the Maroon Bells, snow on the peaks from the night before, aspen trees filled with fall colors and sun coming over the horizon giving the Bells the reddish-orange glow for an amazing sunrise. It’s nice to have finally captured the Maroon Bells and add this to my portfolio of images. Damon, thanks for getting us out of bed!

I had the pleasure of having Len Saltiel on my tour this year. He’s a world traveler and wonderful photographer.  Be sure to check out his rendition of the sunrise at the Bells.

Fall sunrise at Maroon Bells, Aspen, Colorado

Fall Sunrise at Maroon Bells | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Sunrise on the Open Range

One of my favorite places for a sunrise is in Grand Teton National Park.  There are so many good locations for a sunrise. This particular morning was after an evening astrophotography shoot with Ryan Wright.  It was late enough in the morning that it wasn’t worth heading back to the motel in town so we parked at the Glacier View Turnout and caught a few hours of sleep in the car.  It wasn’t the most pleasant of sleeping conditions but gave us just enough energy to capture the sunrise on the open range in front of Grand Teton Mountain.

We were greeted with a nice herd of bison grazing on the range and then the alpenglow hit the peaks Teton Mountain range. I don’t think the orangish-red glow on top of the Teton peaks ever gets old. I’m envious of the people who get to witness it on a daily basis.

Sunrise alpenglow on the Teton Mountain with bison grazing on the open range in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming | Rick Louie Photography

Sunrise on the Open Range | Click to Enlarge

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12 Best Landscapes 2013 – Part 4

We stay in Colorado for the rest of the journey. Here’s image number 7 and it comes from Rocky Mountain National Park. I was conducting a photo tour in Rocky Mountain National Park this past September and it so happens that week we had our 500 year rain and flooding which made for a rain filled photography tour. We were actually lucky to get out of the park the last day since the three main roads on the eastern side of the park were washed out. We ended up going over Trail Ridge Road to Grand Lake. The funny thing about the Western side of the park just over the Continental Divide was the weather was quite pleasant and gave me a chance to do some exploring on the side of the park I visit the least.

I think this year I’m going to spend some more time on the west side because there is some amazing scenery in the Kawuneeche Valley and Never Summer Mountains are also an awesome site! This image is Adams Falls and can be reached along the East Inlet Trail that feeds into Grand Lake. There is some beautiful open meadows along this trail.  Water was plentiful making for a full waterfall with vibrant green foliage!

Adams Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park

Adams Falls | Click to Enlarge

Very close to Denver is a state park called Roxborough. The western edges of Denver along the foothills brings some amazing formation of red rocks. One of the most famous formations is the amphitheater named Red Rocks. Just south of the amphitheater is Roxborough State Park which is just behind a hogback. You would never know it was there from driving along the roads, but you get back behind the hogback and there are some amazing jaw dropping scenery! I captured it one morning just after sunrise with blue tones mixed with storm clouds that really offset the reddish-orange rocks making for an amazing scene! Roxborough Park is image #8 in my 12 Best Landscapes 2013.

Storm over Roxborough State Park at sunrise by Rick Louie Photography

Storm Over Roxborough – Click to Enlarge

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12 Best Landscapes 2013 – Part 3

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I was able to spend some time with my family and do some relaxing. I hope that your holiday season is enjoyable and relaxing!

We stay in Grand Teton National Park today with an image of Schwabacher Landing. It’s a beaver pond along the Snake River and in the morning gives you the most amazing view of the Tetons along with an incredible reflection on the still water. This year it took a little more effort to reach the landing since the road was closed off due to lack of funding, but it was definitely worth the hike because Ryan Wright and I had the landing to ourselves and witnessed an amazing sunrise!

Sunrise at Schwabacher Landing

Sunrise at Schwbacher Landing | Click to Enlarge

We are halfway done today with my 12 Best Landscapes 2013 and the 6th image brings us back to Colorado. I try to get out on the Eastern Plains of Colorado at least twice a year and it never seems to disappoint. This time it was after storm activity the day before and the morning sky was active with clouds as they continued to move east toward the Kansas border. The formation of swirling clouds and the warm hues from the sunrise created for some amazing contrasts and incredible orange tones. I found this abandoned barn and windmill that made for an amazing silhouette against the morning sky.

Swirling Suspense - Sunrise in Eastern Plains near Lamar, Colorado

Swirling Suspense | Click to Enlarge

We’ll see you tomorrow for images 7 and 8!

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West Elk Wilderness Sunrise

Ohio Pass is not only a great place for astrophotography, it’s also an amazing place to view a sunrise, especially in the fall.  The West Elk Wilderness in the valley below the pass is one large sea of aspens with views of the West Elk Mountains and the Castles to the west. It’s an amazing sight.

Chris Nitz, Lee Brown and myself spent the evening before up late doing some astro-photography here on Ohio Pass and decided that sleep would be sacrificed and so we got up early and came back out to Ohio Pass to catch the sunrise. There is just something special about this view of the West Elk Wilderness. I captured this image just as the first light of the day touched the tip of The Castles, top of the snow-covered peaks and the tips of a row of aspens just below. I love the contrast that this scene created.

West Elk Wilderness Sunrise

Sunrise at Ohio Pass overlooking the West Elk Wilderness – Click to Enlarge

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Schwabacher Sunrise

I’m taking you back to Grand Teton National Park today for a Schwbacher Sunrise!  Schwabacher Landing is such a special place and the sunrise on the last trip with Ryan Wright was just spectacular. The road to Schwabacher Landing was closed this year, so getting down there for sunrise meant a half hour hike in the dark.  It was truly worth it! This image was just after the alpenglow had gone, but the light on the mountain tops and the clouds was still special with a nice golden glow.  I zoomed in a little closer on this image than my previous image giving more attention to Teton Mountain. A duck had just swam by so the water was still a little unsettled, but still made for a nice reflection

I wanted to give Ryan Wright a special shout out.  He’s the creator behind my new logo and has allowed me to tie my two business together with logos. He’s got a special talent for design and always a great navigator on our trips. He’s such a giving person and truly fun on road trips. If you want a special landscape photographer to follow head over to Ryan Wright Photography. You won’t be disappointed.

Sunrise at Schwabacher Landing

Sunrise at Schwbacher Landing | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

I’m extending my Labor Day Sale through the end of the Month!  I’ve just added this image to the collection. I’ve got a busy month with fall photo tours so instead of taking it down I’m just going to leave it up for the month.  Take advantage of the special savings!

Labor Day Print Sale

Labor Day Savings Extended! – Click to Save!

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Labor Day Sale

Hope you are all having a nice Labor Day weekend. I decided to have a Labor Day Sale!  From now to the end of the year All New Releases are 25% off!  Head over to my gallery now!

Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale – 25% Off New Releases!

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