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Sunset Milky Way

I found this image unprocessed from the Astrophotography Jamboree a couple of years ago. This was taken from Summit Lake near Mt. Evans as the sun has set below the horizon.  The light from the sunset was still highlighting the evening clouds below the mountain and above Denver. It created a unique silhouette the hillside, while making the clouds golden and being so high in elevation you could see the milky way illuminated in the sky overhead. It was such a unique combination of lighting situations. I was just lucky enough to capture it.

Sunset Milky Way

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Fire Over the East River

Here’s a cityscape to change things up a bit today. I was visiting New York City a couple of years back and Mark Garbowski was showing me around the area. I took this image with the Fuji X-T1 and used the Panorama feature. It stitches in camera a wonderful panorama and produces a nice jpeg and other than boostiing a little saturation and cropping slightly the image was ready to go!

Sunset over New York City

Bright fiery orange sunset over the East River and the NYC skyline.

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Fire in the Sky

Last Friday was our Sunflower Jamboree with my friends at The Photo Frontier. Smoke from Wyoming and the west coast entered the state that day due to the forest fires and created a haze in the sky.  It didn’t make for great pictures while the sun was out but then at sunset all the colors from the ash came alive in sky along the horizon!  It was one amazing sunset!

Firey Orange Sunset over the sunflower fields near Denver caused by the smike from forest fires in the western US.

Fiery Orange Sunset over the sunflower fields near Denver caused by the smoke from forest fires in the western US.


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Burst of Sunshine

One of my favorite focal lengths lately has been at 35mm.  It’s close enough to give subject matters a normal look without distortion yet allow for environmental elements to be shown in the scene.

This image was taken during sunset and clouds started to get darker and cover the horizon, but just above the horizon there was a break in the clouds and the sun came piercing through and created an amazing orange glow on the horizon. I wanted to capture the sunflowers a little closer so I decided to use the 35mm focal length and stopped down the f-stop to f/11 to give the sun a little starburst.  I cropped this in a panoramic format eliminating some distracting light in the sky.

Sun breaking through the storm clouds at sunset over a sunflower field near Denver, Colorado

A Burst of Sunshine – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

This is always a fun time of year. I really enjoy the sunflower season. Tomorrow is a full moon.  I hope that you can join The Photo Frontier and I for our Sunflower Jamboree.

Sunflower Jamboree

Sunflower Jamboree

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They’re Back!

It’s that time of year again!  It’s harvest season and the sunflowers on the Eastern Plains outside of Denver are starting to bloom again with those magical large sunflowers!  Fields as far as the eye can see all the way to the horizon!  It’s definitely time to do some driving on the plains to find large glorious farm fields of Sunflowers!

Sunflowers among the storm clouds in Eastern Colorado

Storm Clouds over Sunflowers | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Pot of Gold

On the last Colorado Fall Colors Photography Tour I took the group to Last Dollar Road where I knew the evening sunset would create some evening alpenglow along the Sneffels Range and give some nice color for the evening. Sunset was upon us and some fast-moving storm clouds came upon us leaving us with a light rain. It’s always nice to have some dramatic clouds to add to the scene, but just as the sun came down low on the horizon the rain clouds gave way to sunshine and gave us a wonderful rainbow on the scene.  You can see a slight second rainbow on the left, but not quite enough to make it distinct.

With the fall colors, this rainbow left us a pot of gold along the hillside making for some dramatic colors including the red-roofed farm-house in the scene. I don’t think I could have asked for better that evening.  Last Dollar Road never seems to disappoint during sunset or sunrise. It has to be one of my favorite roads always leaving me with a wonderful scene every time I venture on the road.

Pot of Gold – Last Dollar Road – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Sunflowers at Sunset

I have so many images since August harvest and one of my favorite times of the year is sunflower season here in Colorado. With the workshops and travel I haven’t really had a chance to really go through my images during sunflower season and give them a thorough look and culling. I have been trying to move some storage around and archive some photos in the process and so I stumbled through some of my images from this past sunflower season.

This image is from one of the amazing sunsets while I was out in the fields this year. The storm clouds were rolling off the mountains on to the plains just as the sun was setting and the intense glow came through the openings in the clouds making for an amazing sky. It’s Sunset’s fury on the sunflower fields this particular evening and it was a sight to behold.

Those of you in Colorado are getting ready for winter. A polar vortex is coming from the north and will bring sub freezing temperatures and some snow this week. I’m not sure I’m ready, but I’m going to try to embrace it this year.  Her’s a little summer warmth to carry you through your day.  Stay warm everyone!

Sunset glowing through storm clouds as the roll over the sunflower fields on the eastern plains of Colorado just outside of Denver, Colorado.

Sunset’s Fury | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Showers from Heaven

I was dong a little scouting out on the eastern plains and  trailed a storm heading out toward the Kansas border. On the way back I headed over to the latest sunflower field to see how it looked.  The field is nice and dense and as it turned out another set of storm clouds rolled in off of the mountains to make for an amazing sunset. “God Beams” were piercing through the clouds as I was approaching the sunflower field. I grabbed the closest camera, which was my Fuji X-T1 and set up quickly to capture a few images before the “Showers from Heaven” disappeared.  Such a spectacular sky!

The more and more I use the Fuji, the more I’m impressed with the images that it produces.  It makes taking pictures fun again and so convenient. Pictures from my Canon are more crisp, especially when blown up large, but if you’re looking for a professional level camera at much less of an entry point I recommend the Fuji. The sensors dynamic range is superb and for what it’s worth the crop sensor has not been an issue compared to my Canon. The stabilization on my 18-55 zoom lens is fantastic and many times I can just take a photo handheld just like this one and produce a great image.

Those of you coming out this weekend for the Photo Jamboree are in for a treat.  The sunflower fields are amazing this year and with this weather pattern we are probably going to get another amazing sunset. I’m looking forward to meeting some new friends this weekend!

God Beams of light shine down on a sunflower field at sunset in Eastern, Colorado.

Showers from Heaven | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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A Ray of Hope

The sunflower fields are starting blooming here in the Denver area. Thanks to John DeBord for the tip on the location of this field.  It is a huge field spanning hundreds of acres!  It’s going to be a great crop of sunflowers this year.  I’ve noticed there are quite a few fields that are in the early stages and will be in full bloom over the next couple of weeks.

I captured this image a few nights ago right at sunset just as the “God Beams peaked below the clouds.  It was like a ray of hope to the sunflowers as they stretched out for the last beams of sunshine. It was another beautiful sunset here in Colorado!

God Beams of sunshine as the sunsets on a field of sunflowers near Denver, Colorado

A Ray of Hope | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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12 Best Landscapes 2013 – Part 6

We finish out the 12 Best Landscapes 2013 with images near Telluride, Colorado. Image #11 is from the box canyon behind Telluride, Colorado. One of the mornings of my Colorado Fall Colors Photography Tour brought snow, but that didn’t stop us.  We headed up to Bridal Veil Falls and with the snow mixed with the colors of the aspen trees it made for a dramatic image of Bridal Veil Falls against the snow-covered backdrop.

Bridal Veil Falls amongst the snow covered fall colors near Telluride, Colorado

Bridal Veil Falls | Click to Enlarge

My final and my favorite image of the year is a sunset image of Mt. Wilson as viewed from Last Dollar Road. The storm clouds were covering the valley as Lee Brown and Chris Nitz and I ventured up Last Dollar road in hopes of getting a nice sunset image on the first evening of the Colorado Fall Colors Photography Tour. As we arrived to the location the wind picked up, but the nice thing about the wind is if we were patient it would be blowing the clouds across the sky and hopefully give some openings for the sun to peak through before it settled down below the horizon.

Lee Brown and I ventured down the side of the hill below the road looking for the ideal location to shoot and setup for the shot. This image appears so serene and you would never know that Lee and I had on our full winter gear and were bracing our cameras in 40 mile an hour winds hoping our tripods were sturdy enough to give us a clean image.

Just before the sun settled below the horizon the clouds broke open and delivered some of the most amazing light over the valley and highlighting Mt. Wilson. I love this valley and it’s one of my go to places in the fall for an amazing sunset.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll have a full recap and something special to start the new year!

Mt. Wilson Sunset

Mt. Wilson Sunset | Click to Enlarge

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