Climb Every Mountain

The one thing I’ve come to realize this past year is I’m not getting any younger.  This passion for photography lead me to a decision to get back into shape.  I had become satisfied with my life behind a desk and sitting in front of the TV.  I came to realize that there is this beautiful world around me and this passion for capturing the world around me lead me to change my lifestyle and embrace the challenges ahead in a new light.  No longer was a road closed to snow going to stop me from getting to the top of the pass. There was still a trail that I could climb.

This trip to Jones Pass made me realize that many of the barriers I gave myself in the past didn’t need to exist.  I did struggle for air climbing up the trail to the top of Jones Pass, but I kept moving forward and didn’t quit.  After winning Justin’s Fitness Challenge, I wasn’t going to let him down by quitting.  What did I gain by climbing this trail to 12,500 ft.?  A spectacular view of Colorado with the Gore Range to the west and Butler Gulch down below!

This photo is of the 12,000 ft. ridge just above Butler Gulch.  The clouds were so close and at this altitude snow still existed.  I have a feeling it’s not melting away this year.  This ridge is very accessible.  If you decide to go up to Jones Pass be sure to bring layers and plenty of water.  Hydration is the key to hiking at high altitudes.

For this photo I stitched 3 vertical shots together to allow for more detail than I would have gotten with a single wide-angle lens shot. Tomorrow and Friday I’ll share with you my interpretation of the sunset from Jones Pass, one viewing the sunset toward the west and the other back toward the east.

Jones Pass - ©Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
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Side Note: This week here in Colorado pro cyclists are racing in the US Pro Cycling Challenge.  Be sure to visit my friend Justin Balog’s site Light as Magic for behind the scenes coverage.  Justin is covering the event for the Davis Phinney Foundation and its fight to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.  You can support the Davis Phinney Foundation and its goal to raise $20,000.

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11 thoughts on “Climb Every Mountain

  1. You’re not getting any younger? Really? LOL
    Tell me about it!

    It nice that your passion for the craft is driving you, Rick. That’s what it’s all about.

    Wonderful shot today. A fantastic view. You did a great job stitching. Nice work.

  2. Awesome!! Congrats buddy, that is fantastic. I played college basketball 7 years ago and really need to get back into shape… haha. The photo is fantastic. I want to go here, now. 🙂 Next time, it would be cool to see another shot, cropped 100% to display the detail that using that 3 shot pan can give you. I have done that a few times and people seem to really enjoy seeing the detail. Way to go buddy.

  3. Magnificent pano Rick! This hobby can definitely let you know what kind of shape you’re in. I second Adam… a 100% crop would be a great teaser on the next one.

  4. I have been here MANY times, It is gorgeous up there!! You can get to where you can walk to this area without 4 wheel drive, but I advise it.

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