Colorado Sheep

The land around Telluride is some of the most beautiful ranch land in the country. The ranches are active ranches and home to many of the Colorado Sheep ranches. Almost every time I head down I seem to encounter Peruvian Sheep farmers tending to their flock. Herding sheep is one of the few industries that still allows for migrant workers and it takes these South Americans and their skills to maintain these flocks of sheep. It’s a lonely job, just out in the wilderness with just your self, your dogs to keep you company walking the many miles of ranch land tending to the sheep to make sure they stay safe.

My last trip we came upon this large herd crossing the road on the Last Dollar Ranch. It just made for an amazing scene with the Sneffels Range in the background. I don’t speak spanish well, but the sheep herder was kind enough to let me capture a picture of him, skin weathered from the many days out on the range.

Colorado Sheep with the Sneffels Range as a back drop on the Last Dollar Ranch near Telluride, Colorado
Colorado Sheep | Click to Enlarge/Purchase
The Peruvian Sheepherder and his companion in the Uncompahgre National Forest on Last Dollar Ranch near Telluride, Colorado
The Peruvian Sheepherder | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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