Corn Lily

During my camping trip I noticed the unique textures and patterns of the corn lily, unfortunately most of the corn lilies were brown and burnt from the hot weather and lack of rain in the area.  We did find one patch that was still vibrant green so I took advantage of it to make a few abstract images. Here’s one of my abstracts from a patch of corn lilies.

Corn Lily plants near Crested Butte, Colorado
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  • Excellent abstract Rick. The shades of green as well as the leaves textures are killer.

  • Beautiful details here Rick, love the light too!

  • I love plant abstracts like this. The colors and light glowing through the leaves is awesome.

  • It is good to see you still have a few plants surviving in this heat/drought. We finally got some rain, but I fear it may be too late for a lot of our plants here 🙁

  • Gorgeous color!

  • Visually strong with lush colours.

  • Great colors and composition. Nice shot.