CSU Oval Fort Collins

One of the unique places I’ve wanted to photograph is located on the campus of my Alma mater, Colorado State University (CSU).  Go Rams!  In the center of the old part of campus was the The Oval.  It was a tree-lined walkway from various parts of campus.  It’s the landmark symbol for the CSU and where the central administration building is located. In the center, running down the length of the Oval is a walkway lines by large elm trees. Last weekend when I went up I was hoping for fall colors, but this fall has been very unpredictable and the trees were still fairly green. The trees on the outer edge of the Oval have started to change, but for the most part the center is still very green.

I still like the scene and decided to capture the vanishing point image I have wanted to capture. I know that Fort Collins, where CSU is located, received quite a bit of snow yesterday and so I’m not sure what that will do to fall colors for the Oval.  Hopefully it didn’t make all the leaves drop, but I may drive back up this coming weekend to find out. If I’m lucky there will be some fall colors to view in the Oval.

Here is The CSU Oval Fort Collins. Still a spectacular sight in my eyes.

The Oval at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado - Copyright 2011 Rick Louie Photography
Click to Enlarge – The Oval – ©2011 Rick Louie Photography, LLC

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  1. Great picture! I’m not sure about Fort Collins, but the snow we got yesterday in Greeley did a lot of damage to big trees like that. So I’d say if you’re lucky, the trees will still be as beautiful as they are now!

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