How about a nice treat to start the weekend?!  I’ve been working quite a bit with off camera flash doing portrait and product images. These cupcakes will make a nice addition to my stock photography portfolio.

These amazing cupcakes came from a local Food Truck here in the Denver area called Sweet ‘Ness Cupcakes!  I’m not sure about where you live, but food trucks have taken off here in Denver.  You can get some of the most amazing food from these trucks and the food doesn’t break the bank.  If you are in Parker, Colorado you can usually find Sweet ‘Ness Cupcakes parked near Long’s Way and Parker Rd., just north of Main Street.  The cupcakes pictured are their Pistachio and Lavender cupcakes. They go great with a cup of coffee.

Have a great weekend!

Cupcakes - ©2012 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved
Click to Enlarge - Cupcakes - ©2012 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

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Sunflower Sunset - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
Click to Enlarge - Sunflower Sunset - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

Capture Notes:

  • Nom Nom! Looks good man. Nice work.

  • Ida

    Cupcakes! So fun!
    The food truck thing is definitely big. I first started noticing around LA. Then up to the Bay Area. They all have their unique favors of the region.

  • I feel hungry again – and I’ve only recently had breakfast! Nice colours

  • Oh mna those look yummy. I can see this one doing well in a stock colloection. Nice work Rick.

  • They look very yummy Rick. It is amazing how the food truck scene is taking off. I am a foodie and I really like finding new places (or trucks) to visit.

  • I’m glad you got a shot of these before they completely disappeared!

  • Boy that looks yummy. Well shot.

  • nice work Rick! we have more food trucks than we can count in Austin, it’s great fun!