Denver Skyline – Where's Qwest?

I was out with Matt Santomarco this past weekend hoping to catch a shot of the fireworks going off at Sports Authority Field after a Denver Broncos score.  We found this bridge walkway to set up with a view of downtown Denver and the stadium and setup our tripods for the shot.  The traffic was pretty loud and so our hopes of hearing the stadium erupt after a score were dashed.  I put on the stream of the game via my iPhone, but the delay was 15-30 seconds and so by the time I heard the Broncos score the fireworks had already gone off.  I just wasn’t feeling the muse that night.  I caught the fireworks going off the first time, but my exposure wasn’t quite long enough.  I think Matt captured a better shot than I did.  Hopefully it will appear on his blog soon.

I did capture this one shot of downtown Denver and this was a new vantage point for the skyline.  Those of you who live in Denver will notice that this picture does not have the Qwest symbol lighting up the sky any longer.  The signage has been replaced with the new Century Link logo and is not nearly as bright.  Here’s my Beacon of the Prairie photo with the Qwest Symbol lighting up downtown Denver.

Denver Skyline with Century Link Logo
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  1. I can sympathize with trying to shoot when you’re just not into it, I think we all can. You really did come back with a beautiful shot of the Denver skyline in the end!

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