Denver Skyline

Prior to tracking the storm up near Greeley, Colorado I stopped off downtown to capture some Denver skyline images.  It’s rare that I get to see storm clouds hover over the city without major weather activity happening at the same time.  This trailing storm cloud was actually east of the city, but looked as if it was hovering over the city.  The other nice thing about this image is that there aren’t any cranes in the scene, which hasn’t been the case for a while due to all the construction.  So I present to you the Denver Skyline.

Storm clouds over the Denver skyline in the evening.
Click to Enlarge - Denver Skyline
  • Nice capture of Denver Rick. Reminds me how long to has been since I have visited.

  • Nice Rick! Love the light streaking along the highway.

  • That blue needle thing on the right is just grabbing my eye and not letting go. I like it!

    • that’s the observation tower and Elitch’s 🙂 it’s our amusement park!

    • Awesome Rick 🙂

  • Great shot Rick.

  • Very cool shot Rick! Love the colors!

  • The combination of the clouds and the light trails on the highway add some extra dimension to the skyline. Nice work.

  • Really like those clouds just peaking out behind the light of the city.

  • Very nice shot

  • Awesome shot buddy. Love the hint of violet in that single cloud formation, the long exposure seen by the sliding lights, and sharp, pano skyline. Nice work.

  • Excellent shot and processing, Rick!
    I like those light trails along the highway and the blue needle. Nice work, man.