Elk Crossing

This past weekend I went up to Estes Park to visit some friends and attend some of the festivities at Elk Fest. It’s an annual event celebrating Elk rutting season as the elk come down from the mountains and looking for their mates. It’s the bull elk’s show of testosterone with the distinct sound of bugling throughout Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. It wasn’t really a photo trip for me, though I did bring my camera, but more of time to spend with my wife and some good friends.

We did however decide to get up for sunrise and see if we could see some bull elk cross Lake Estes in the early morning. Thanks to fellow photographer John De Bord for giving me the tip on where to see them at Lake Estes. There was a morning fog hovering above the lake, but as soon as morning light hit the lake a large bull elk crossed the water.  The western side of Lake Estes isn’t that deep and the elk are able to keep their heads above water as the cross the lake.  About 15 minutes later 3 more bull elk came across the lake.  It was an amazing sight! Luckily with the my high ISO images didn’t have too much noise and I was able to capture some of the elk as they crossed the lake.

This bull elk was just coming out of the water and about to hit shore as he looked out way. We later caught up to the elk and the harems up near the golf course. Traffic didn’t move much as these beautiful animals walked through town.

Elk Crossing - Elk crossing Lake Estes at Sunrise
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  • What a great shot Rick. Love the atmosphere in the background. Didn’t know about rutting season.

  • Cool shot!

  • That’s awesome.

  • Awesome shot

  • Man, such an awesome shot!

  • Excellent image, Rick.

  • Very nice catch Rick. Great shot.

  • Excellent capture, Rick. What a great post the bull elk has in this image. Nicely done, man.

  • Amazing shot Rick!

  • Doesn’t it feel good when an early morning outing yields an image like this! Fantastic, Rick