Empire State

I’m in a monochrome mood this week and I bringing you back to New York.  This is a view of the Empire State Building through one of the trestles of the Manhattan Bridge (DUMBO). I gave this an old film plate feel to simulate a timeless feel to this landmark.

Empire State Building View from Brooklyn Bridge
Empire View – Click to Enlarge

Capture Notes:

  • Awesome shot. Great composition!

  • Sorry to admit, but this very shot was featured in the end of this week’s Gossip Girl.

    • Thanks! I was waiting around for another friend and saw this shot. That’s cool this shot was on a TV show. I haven’t ever seen Gossip Girl. I figured it was a common image.

  • What a catch Rick! The toning is spot on vintage.

  • I do enjoy both your framing and processing on this!

  • Really cool framing and processing Rick.

  • The toning and faded vignette are perfect for this quite timeless image.

  • What a cool shot, man. Love the processing on this. Even the newer model cars have a vintage look. Excellent work, Rick.