False Creek Exposed

I found this image back in the archives tonight and noticed I never finished processing it. Sometimes your artistic side just needs some time to “age” and so tonight something just clicked when I saw this image again and finished processing it.

This is False Creek viewed from Granville Island. Across the creek is downtown Vancouver and the Bridge spanning across False Creek is the art deco bridge, Burrard Bridge. I used a 10-stop Filter (Single Coated) on this shot at a low iso of 50 and exposed it for 2 minutes and then applied an infra-red filter in Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4 to give it this illuminated look.

False Creek Exposed
False Creek Exposed – Click for full effect
  • I like the red and yellow pop on this due to the processing. It does have a slight apocalyptic feel to it as well.

  • Nice one, Rick. I really like that infrared effect. Gives the shot a surreal look.

  • Wow, awesome shot Rick!! Very cool colors!!

  • What a cool effect Rick. I love the artistic side of you.

  • That’s a very cool effect. What time of day was this? The long exposure works really well here. Nice work.

    • Kris,
      Thanks. I took this shot after sunset toward the end of or right after blue hour.

  • Love the way the red lights just seem to pop out of the overall yellow glow. Makes for a great secondary contrast.

  • Archives are always hiding something! Unusual but very effective colouring, Rick.

  • What a fantastic result, Rick.
    Glad you stumbled back upon this and processed it the way you have. Really nice, man.