Feeling Safe

I’ve started to do a few portraits, mostly as favors to friends and family and I have to admit that the work of taking portraits can be frustrating especially if the subject is not happy with the idea of taking pictures.  I was taking some pictures of two-year old D’Angelo a few weeks back and he was a handful!  I had to remember back to my own kids that sitting still, even if it’s for a quick portrait is not really a two-year old’s idea of fun.  I had to quickly change gears and just let him wear off some steam and run around and just be a little boy.  D’Angelo was a little guarded with me because I was a stranger and he wasn’t sure why I was around and you know he had to show me who was boss!

I'm the Boss - ©Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
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Capture Notes:

My take on portraits is to try to capture people normally, unguarded just being themselves.  While you sometimes you want a formal portrait, it’s the picture that captures a moment in time and tell a story that means the most to people.  I captured this picture of D’Angelo walking down the sidewalk with his dad looking back at him mom that just seemed to capture and tell the story of D’Angelo at two years old. He loves his dad, willing to follow him.  His dad is his protector and he feels safe with his dad.

Feeling Safe - ©Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
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Capture Notes:

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  1. Diggin that first shot. The depth and bokeh really grab my attention and won’t let it go. The second shot totally needs a caption reading “You lookin at me…punk” Nice post today!

  2. Love the 2nd photo. What a great shot. I have done a few portraits as favors to people as well and have found it to be a great learning experience. Nice work here!

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