Field of Gold

It’s sunflower season again here in Colorado.  This year unfortunately has not been a very good crop. I was talking to a farmer that owns this particular field and he said they just didn’t have the moisture this year that was needed and the out of normal warm temperatures didn’t make for a particularly good crop this year. The sunflowers will be lucky to produce any seed this year. The sunflowers here are smaller than last year and many were already drooping or ready to droop without producing any seed, which is the what produces money for these farmers.

Are you wondering why the sunflowers aren’t facing the sun? Sunflowers as they are growing will face the sun. The stem and bud of the flower actually rotate during the day to always face the sun and return at night to face eastward.  Once the flower blooms, the rotation stops and the flowers will face east. The image below shows the sunflowers facing east away from the setting sun in the west. Though the crops may not be producing the necessary yields, they can still produce a nice landscape image. Here’s a field of gold as the sun was setting here in Weld County, Colorado.

Fields of Gold - Sunflowers at sunset on the eastern plains of Colorado
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  • Awesome to see my state’s flower (Kansas).

  • Pretty cool shot Rick. I’ll be shooting sunflowers for the first time in a few weeks so pretty excited to see this.

    • I can’t wait to see your images, Len!

  • This is a gorgeous shot man. Also, I had no idea that Sunflowers did this rotating thing. Nature never ceases to amaze me!

  • I never get tired of seeing these sunflower shots! Interesting facts about the blooms, I didn’t know they stopped turning once they were grown.

  • Really cool man, nice work on this one!

  • These are always great to see, particularly a field full of them. Beauty of an image, Rick.
    Nice info on the sunflowers as well. I thought they chased the sun at all times.

  • Great shot, Rick. At first glance, it looks like a painting. Well done!

  • Great shot Rick.

  • Looking good to me, I guess I will need to make my way out there!