Finish Line Performance

I’ve been working with Finish Line Automotive Performance, a local automotive performance shop here in Denver capturing images for their shop and for their customers.  Greg Zerban and Jonny Santanni are passionate about making cars and trucks go fast! Their customers cars are regulars out at Bandimere Speedway and they are also one of the sponsors of the Fun Ford Weekend. Finish Line tuned cars are known for being the fastest at the track producing 1000+ hp winning cars.

Today’s post takes you into Finish Line Performance’s shop for an inside look during a dynamometer (dyno) performance tuning session. The dyno measures the torque and horsepower produced by a car or truck.  The result of this session was a 5.0L Mustang producing over 700 horsepower!

Tomorrow I’ll take you to Bandimere Speedway to see some of Finish Line’s Customer’s Cars in action.

Dynojet 224 xLC eddy load chassis dyno

Dynojet 224 xLC eddy load chassis dyno

These straps hold the cars on the dyno.

Connecting the Mustang up to diagnotics

The monitor’s dashboard shows how the car is running.

Jonny Santanni at the cars controls.

Greg Zerban diagnosing engine problems

Checking the Timing

Diablosport Performance tuning chip

Greg Zerban adjusting the chip for better performance.

Here is some other images around Finish Line’s performance shop:

Whipple Supercharger

Custom fabricated headers

Custom fabricated Intake

What shop would be complete without the shop dogs!

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  • Wonderfully detailed images Rick! Nice work!

  • Nice series of images Rick. They tell the story of the shop.

  • I am loving the shot of the supercharger. Look like this was a pretty cool place to shoot!

  • You should have warned me before I clicked on the link! I started with a nice hot cup of coffee, but after pouring over each image in detail, my beverage has gone stone cold! Back to the kitchen for me….

    What a great series, Rick!!! As you well know, muscle cars are some of my favorite subjects, and you’ve done the guys at Finish Link Performance proud with your work here!