First Light

One of my favorite times to shoot is during blue hour either before sunrise or after sunset. The sky and horizon produce such amazing colors during blue hour.

This past weekend I went to a local in city state park, Cherry Creek State Park, to shoot the sunrise. I wasn’t disappointed. The light generated off of the early morning horizon was fantastic and the coast line created a nice silhouette for the scene. This park is just minutes away from home. I need to remember to go here more often for sunrises, sunsets and even local wildlife.

It’s amazing that this past weekend in Denver it was 82 degrees out and now it is snowing. They are predicting a foot of snow! To all my Denver friends and followers, stay warm and safe and enjoy the fresh snow! I’m sorry will be missing the sparkling winter scenes from the first big storm.


  • Beautiful light Rick. Love the moon. I think the light during the blue hour is the best.

  • Awesome, Rick!
    I really like the silhouetted shoreline and the beautiful light. Nice work, man.

  • You can almost sense life starting to come about on this as all the animals start to wake and go about their daily lives. Good stuff sir.

  • Wow Rick, some magical colors here man, incredible

  • I absolutely love blue hour shots, and this is a terrific example. You’ve done a great job creating a mood with this image.

  • Fantastic Rick!! What a wonderful shot.

  • Love that early morning lighting!

  • Really beautiful Rick. The light is amazing. Snow….yuck. Stay warm.

  • Blue hour goodness.

  • Nicely done. Love the simplicity of this. Reminds me of Lake Tahoe.

  • Ida

    Fun. I’m a fan of the blue hour.

  • Nailed the moon!