Foggy Empire

I had a great view of the Empire State Building from my hotel room on my last visit to New York City.  One evening while I was there the fog rolled in during the evening and the Empire State Building,  illuminated in blue, lit up the fog as it was rolling into Midtown Manhattan.  I was able to capture this log exposure of the famous landmark through my hotel window.

Have a great weekend!

Foggy Empire - Fog surrounding the top of the Empire State Building at night as it's illuminated in blue.
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  • Great composition and processing Rick!

  • Wow man, this is great! What a view! Incredible work Rick!

  • Looks great Rick.What an incredible view you had.

  • Awesome shot here, Rick. I love this view. The light trails add to this so nicely, bringing a little action to the overall scene.

  • I like how well the blue lights reflect off the clouds. Crazy cool!

  • Awesome Rick! Love the blue!! Great work!

  • I like the way the fog is lighting up the sky

  • Nice shot. I like the traffic trails and the soft blue light from the buildings.

  • Freaking cool looking man.

  • Nice one, Rick.

  • Great example of night photography

  • that’s just cool Rick, great shot!

  • Wow, a great view indeed. Sorry we didn’t have better weather for you…