Friend for Lunch – Rocky Mountain National Park

I was hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park last month with my family.  We ventured up to Cub Lake to see if the area was reviving from the Fern Lake Fire a couple of years ago, but mostly just to get away for a short hike.  There was still quite a bit of damage, but the wildflowers are starting to revive and green growth is starting to take over.

We sat on some rocks looking out over the lilies and have an early lunch up and a friendly duck climbed up and started to dry off next to me as I ate my lunch.  He didn’t really pay much mind to me and so we both sat and enjoyed the sunshine and the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park that day.  Here’s a picture of my friend that day.

I’m back in Rocky Mountain National Park this week conducting a private photo tour. It’s the perfect time of year to tour Colorado. The elks are starting to rut and we should see early signs of fall colors starting to appear around the park. We are going to tour the west and southern ends of the park this week and hopefully I’ll have a few images when I return.

Have a great week everyone!

Duck at Cub Lake - Rock Mountain National Park
Duck at Cub Lake – Rocky Mountain National Park – Click to Enlarge

Capture Notes:

  • chrisnitz

    So, did you give her a cracker?

  • ljsaltiel

    Nice catch Rick. I need to get back to Rocky Mountain NP as I have never truly explored there – just passed through.

  • Michael Criswell

    Sounds like a blast Rick, cannot wait to see your stuff fromk the weekend, have fun!