Full Moon Rising

This past weekend Justin Balog and I met up with John De Bord up at Lookout Mountain to capture the full moon rising up off the horizon here in Denver.  Lookout Mountain is a Denver Mountain Park about 20 minutes west of Denver overlooking Golden, Colorado.  It was a favorite lookout point for the Ute Indians and is the burial site for “Buffalo Bill” Cody.

Today, Lookout Mountain is a great place to get a view of the Front Range and a great location for cyclists to challenge their riding skills.  This past year Lookout Mountain was part of the US Pro Cycling Championships. Funny thing that night I think we were the only ones there to view the full moon and the city. I also think the others weren’t having issues staying warm, if you know what I mean.

Full Moon over Golden viewed from Lookout Moutain, Colorado
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  • What a moon Rick! Awesome capture! We’re moving out there on Friday! So excited!

    • Awesome! Look forward to shooting with you!

  • That is just stunning man! What a view!

  • I like the light trails adding an S into the shot. That is a crazy moon, and setting!

  • Man, look at that moon!! Beautiful image Rick! The subtle city scene beneath it adds so much. Nice work buddy.

  • Man, gotta love this image, Rick. What an awesome catch. Well worth the trip and effort to catch this.

  • Wow stunning image Rick and the color of that moon is awesome.

  • Man I’m glad somebody got a picture of that moon. It was amazing here in Phoenix and I had no camera with me.

  • Beautiful shot Rick! Awesome view!

  • Glad I didn’t wear flip flops!

  • Stunning shot Rick. I’ve never heard of lookout mountain and with this view, I should have.

  • Great night shot but it’s those filaments of clouds across the moon that steal the show. What a capture!

  • This is gorgeous beyond words, my friend!!

  • Very nice shot

  • This is just way too cool!