Got Milk? Pt. 2

I decided to crank out another image the Milky Way from Mt. Evans before I left town so this is part 2 of Got Milk?  This image was done in front of some rocks as a foreground element.  I received quite a few emails asking how I had processed the picture so today I’m going to include a quick video tutorial of how to use a luminosity filter to darken the sky  on this long exposure and keep the bright spots of the image in tact.  My video doesn’t give the final result, but just how to apply the filter and the effects of using the filter.  I created this image today with the luminosity filter and then also using some Phototools filter adjustments to enhance the sky and rock details.  Hopefully this is helpful and you can use this in your process flow.

Got Milk? Pt. 2 - Milky Way from Mt. Evans, Colorado
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8 thoughts on “Got Milk? Pt. 2

  1. Another wonderful shot Rick. Just love the color of the sky with the beautiful light of the stars. Thanks for the tip on the video. I don’t use PS except for some blending on my HDR shots. Maybe I ought to learn it as I think it has a future : ).

  2. A great result and a great tutorial. I tried a few of these last winter in Napa Valley, but my Nikon just doesn’t have the high ISO quality as the 5D. Great shot!

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