Grand Central Terminal North

I’m taking you back to New York City today.  This is an image of the 45th Street Cross Passage and Metlife Building access at Grand Central Terminal North.  I shot this image as a 3 shot HDR with a 2-stop ND filter for a longer exposure to give a sense of motion and then used some layer masks to give more detail to areas that were getting blown out.

Grand Central Terminal – 45th Street Passage – Click to Enlarge
  • A real sense of the vastness of this place. Well captured, Rick

  • Very cool Rick! Terrific composition!

  • Great shot! Since the Apple store arrive, that place is an even bigger zoo…

  • Cool shot, Rick.
    Where are all the people? You hit this at a very good time. My last trip through there it was a cluttered mess. 🙂

    Very nicely done, man.

  • Great shot. I love the inclusion of people in photos like this. Nice work!

  • Wonderful shot Rick. I’m surprised the tripod police didn’t get you 🙂

    • Edith, I had acquired a permit to shoot at GCT so I was able to use a tripod.

  • Love this Rick. I have always wanted to visit there. Some day.

  • Great timing Rick! Just enough people to give a sense of life and motion but not enough to make it distracting.

  • After spending a day there, I appreciate this shot very much Rick. Greate scene

  • Always liked the ghostly people look in these kinds of shots. Good work here sir!