Grand Central Terminal

Most people call this place Grand Central Station, but this is actually Grand Central Terminal. Grand Central Station is actually the post office or refers to the subway stop underneath the building.  Grand Central Terminal is at 42nd and Park Avenue and is a commuter railway terminal in Midtown Manhattan.

My last visit to New York I was able to acquire a tripod permit to capture images in Grand Central Terminal. I wasn’t able to access the east or west balcony, which was a disappointment, but took advantage of the permit to capture a long exposure of the main concourse. With the help of my B+W 10-Stop filter I was able to capture this 5 minute exposure and eliminate almost all of the people walking around on the concourse floor that evening. The American flag now hangs in the main terminal and was placed there shortly after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

The view below is toward the West Balcony which is now home to Michael Jordan’s Steak House.  On the left side of the concourse is the ticket booths and in the center of the terminal is the famous four-faced clock at the information booth, which appears much larger in ads and in movies. The clock faces are made of Opal and the clock is estimated to be worth $10-20 million.

Grand Central Terminal - Long Exposure of Grand Central Terminal in New York City
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  1. Just a few ghosts hanging about but it’s good to see this huge building effectively deserted. I wonder what it would have looked like with just a 30sec time exposure? I load of blurred insects I guess

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