Herbert Lake Reflection

Thanks for checking back and coming to visit.  Yes, I was offline this week and had some technical difficulties.  I hope that I don’t have to go through the process of swapping domain registrars again.  I’m still in the process of making “tweaks” to the site so hopefully I’ll complete these changes over the next couple of weeks.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Today’s image comes from Banff National Park.  This is Herbert Lake, located on the south end of the Columbia Icefields Parkway.  The waters of Herbert Lake are like glass after sunrise and make for a fantastic reflection. This morning the mist of the lake was still hovering over the water adding to the texture of the scene. Banff is a must visit location.

Morning reflection at Herbert Lake in Banff National Park near the Columbia Icefields Parkway in Banff, Alberta, Canada

  • That is absolutely stunning Rick. That’s an incredible reflection.

  • This is such a gorgeous shot. I can hear the frogs singing and crickets chirping!

  • Glad you are back!

  • Awesome, awesome, awesome Rick. Herbert Lake is one of my favorites on the parkway and you have captured its beauty

  • Gorgeous Rick!

  • A beautiful reflection, Rick

  • Those reflections are awesome. Well done.

  • Hey, good to see ya back with a sweet image! I was wondering what was going on with ya.

  • Flawless reflection. Beautifully done, Rick

  • Thanks everyone! It’s good to be back online. I appreciate all the comments!

  • Missed ya, bud. Glad you’re back up & running.

    And you’re back to your old tricks… awesome images. 🙂

    This is stunning, Rick! What an awesome shot, man.

  • Stunning shot Rick! Perfect reflections.