Illuminated by Starlight

One of my favorite things to do on a landscape photography trip is to get away from the city at night and just scenery illuminated by starlight. Seeing a cloudless sky under the millions of stars makes you realize just how vast and large the universe is and we are just a small part of that universe. I remember the first time a fellow photographer taught me the proper settings and technique for capturing the night sky and just how giddy I was seeing the image on the my LCD screen. Now when I bring others out to shoot astrophotography for the first time, pass on the same techniques and it is even more enjoyable to see them jump for joy as they capture their first star lit sky or their first milky way.

This image was from a camping trip this past summer at Paradise Divide in West Elk Mountains just outside of Crested Butte. The night sky was amazingly clear this evening and the sky was still giving the lake a mirror like finish to reflect the stars.

I’m so looking forward to a little warmer weather this Spring, Summer and Fall and trips I have planned back to Moab, Grand Tetons, Great Sand Dunes, West Elk and San Juan Mountains and not only capturing the beautiful daytime scenery, but getting out at night to capture the night sky away from the light pollution of the city. I’m looking forward to meeting some of you on my upcoming to Moab this Spring. If you have never done astrophotography be sure to hit me up and ask me for some pointers on the trip.

There is also space available on my Photo Tours this year with Colorado Photo Tours.  It’s not too early to plan and book your trips for the upcoming year. Ryan Wright and I will definitely be heading out for some night time astrophotography during our tours and teaching others how to capture the beautiful night-time sky. I hope you can join us.

Illuminated by Starlight
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Capture Notes:

  • ljsaltiel

    This is an amazing capture Rick. One of your best with the hint of the landscape and reflection.

  • Incredible shot Rick! Really well done!

  • chrisnitz

    Dude, you totally rocked this. I love the silhouette and then that bit of reflection on the water. So yummy!

  • Michael Criswell

    This is killer, I know where I am gonna be at night in Moab! 🙂 Nice work Rick

  • Man, what an awesome shot. Amazing sky and color with this great composition… nailed it, Rick!

  • ryanwrightphoto

    Very nice Rick! That was a fun night!