Infinite Refraction

One person’s vision is not always someone else’s vision. Many times when looking at a scene my perspective on the scene will change depending on how the light is hitting that scene at a particular time or day.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to document and art installation for local Denver Artist Sarah Richter. She was awarded the opportunity to show off her art installation in an exclusive showing at the Hinterland Art Space. Her exhibit, Infinite Refraction, shows how light and mirrors can change a person’s perspective on what is being seen. A single beam of light can have a single refraction or many and change a person’s view of the same object.

Infinite Refraction is truly a unique sculpture built with mirrored acrylic sculpted in a manner that gives off infinite reflections. A spectator enters the room filled with crystal like objects, reminiscent of Superman’s Lair. Lights from and Laser LED spray across the mirrors filling the eyes with visions only seen in what I would imagine would be from outer space or the latest sci-fi movie. I was particularly intrigued by certain spaces where infinite reflections of oneself could be seen, like a never-ending space continuum.

Here’s a video collage taking you through the details of the build and Opening reception and then a time-lapse video of the build out of Sarah Richter’s Infinite Refraction.

Infinite Refraction can be seen by special appointment at Hinterland and during the First Friday (June 1, 2012) Art Walk in the RiNo Art District in Denver.

                                For Full Visual Effect View Videos in Full Screen and in HD

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