Into the Canyon

The trip to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison area was mostly to spend time with my Dad. It was really nice to spend some one-on-one time with him.  I probably haven’t done a road trip with my Dad since having kids. He is getting on in age and so I need to cherish these moments while I still have them. It was a rainy weekend, but we were going to give the fishing a try to see if anything was biting.  We ventured back East from Montrose, Colorado and headed to the Curacanti Recreation Area.  The Curacanti is also part of the Gunnison River and the deep canyon before it gets to the Black Canyon.  We stopped at Cimarron and ventured over the Mesa Creek Trail which takes you down to the Gunnison River as it’s heading into the Crystal Reservoir.  The access to the river is easier here, but don’t be mistaken the river in the area is still very deep and has a severe drop off after you get off the banks.  Lighting strikes above can clearly be heard down along the river as it echos in the canyon walls.  It was after 4 or 5 thunderous thunder claps we decided to cut our losses and venture back out of the canyon.

I did capture this shot handheld as we were walking down along the Mesa Creek Trail. The fog was still hanging around on this cold morning and the walls of the canyon and the foliage were still wet from the rain.  This shot just give you a sense for how vertical the walls of the canyon are and we were still east of the Black Canyon.

Mesa Creek Trail - Curacanti National Recreation Area - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography
Click to Enlarge - Mesa Creek Trail - Curacanti National Recreation Area - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography
  • Really like the composition Rick. The fog adds so much mood to the image. Enjoy your dad while you can. I wish I had spent more time with mine….

  • Wonderful scene Rick!

  • Wow, love the POV here, incredible depth Rick!

  • Fantastic shot, Rick. What a scene, pure beauty. I like how you processed this.

  • Nicely done. Its an amazing place, rain or shine.

  • This looks like great place to visit. I’m glad you were able to spend some time with your dad.

  • Terrific shot Rick. Excellent composition.

  • This is awesome Rick, both the shot and the story with you spending time with your dad there.

  • Ida

    Here for another look. It’s a beauty!

  • A really awesome landscape! I sure hope to go there someday! Very well done!

  • Just a total beauty.