Into the Mist

Today’s post is for those here in Colorado mostly.  What I would give for this cool weather now.  It’s been in the 100+ degree range most of the weekend and it’s supposed to be in the 100’s and upper 90’s all week.  This combined with all the forest fires is making for less than ideal conditions now.  I’m pray that the people affected by the fires can stay safe and go back to their normal lives quickly.  Thanks to all the fire fighters who are here helping stop the fires.

I ventured up to Mt. Evans with Ryan Wright last week on a New Moon evening hoping to catch some Milky Way action, but by the time we reached Summit Lake the fog got thick and we could barely see 10 ft in front of our noses.  I had hoped to captured some rocks as foreground elements to Mt. Evans, but all I could really capture was the fog.  I lowered my ISO and added and 10-Stop ND filter and captured this long exposure.  I was able to pull out some detail with the long exposure and the rocks just seemed to fall into the mist.

Into the Mist - Rock formations at Summit Lake taken during fog conditions coming down from Mt. Evans, Colorado
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