Kebler Ferns

During my camping trip in the San Juan Mountains we (Ryan Wright and I) were driving around Kebler Pass and noticed an aspen patch with an amazing floor of Ferns.  Such a beautiful site of greenery among the whites of the aspen trees.  I thought I would share that with you today.

A forest floor of ferns among a stand of aspen trees at Kebler Pass, Colorado.
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  • Love the POV here Rick! Awesome color too, looks so natural

  • Man, the contrast of white and green is so nice. I can hear the squirrels chasing one another and the birds singing. Love it!

  • Those ferns are almost like grass. Very cool.

  • Very nice, scene with these colorful ferns, Rick. Nice processing, man.

  • Great image

  • A sea of green and Aspen masts. Nice find, Rick