Kebler Pass

Having been in New York City all last week, I jetted back to Colorado on Saturday and then quickly unpacked and packed and headed for Crested Butte, Colorado and met up with Ryan Wright and Casey Shipley. It was about a 4 and 1/2 hour drive down from Denver and was hoping to make it to Kebler Pass for sunset.  I arrived to the overlook just as the sun was setting illuminating the trees.  It was a little hazy so we didn’t get the alpen glow I was hoping for, but the fall colors of the aspens were spectacular. Kebler Pass is so full of color and one of the reasons I love the Colorado Southwest Mountains this time of year.

Kebler Pass is has the largest aspen stand in the world. All the trees you see in this are one big living organism and all inter-connected. I captured this panorama of Kebler Pass. This small image in this blog post doesn’t do it justice. Click on the image for the Lightbox view.

Kebler Pass
Click to See the large size view!
  • What a magnificent view Rick! I had no idea that individual Aspens were so interconnected.

  • Great view Rick. Love the Aspens.

  • Just breathtaking Rick!

  • I have got to get to your state! What a beautiful landscape to explore! Beauty shot Rick!

  • You have got to stop posting these images as they want me to pick up and move to Colorado Rick. I would too if my wife would come with me…

    Love this image.

  • This looks so much better when enlarged – you get to see the detail. The patch of red tree foliage is so well placed in the frame, Rick. I’ve never seen Aspens in the Fall – I can see what I’m missing