Kebler Pass

Some of the most amazing scenery down in the San Juan area is Kebler Pass.  It contains the 2nd largest grove of aspen in the world.  It’s definitely a place I’ll be visiting this fall. A storm front was coming in when we Ryan and I were at Kebler Pass, but was able to capture the sunset before the storm hit the area.  What an amazing sunset. Ruby Peak, Mount Owen and the Dike Ridge are on the prominent peaks in this image. That evening we had the fun of trying to sleep in our tents during 65 mph winds and rain.  Luckily our tents held up. This sunset made of for the lack of sleep that evening. Thanks to Ryan for allowing me to borrow his Singh Ray graduated ND filter.  The filter is on my purchase list now.

Sunset at Kebler Pass, Colorado
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  • Wonderful image Rick. Great light. Well worth the sleepless night.

  • Fantastic image Rick.

  • The light on the top of the mountains is just stunning man, WOW

  • Love this shot, Rick. What a view. I can imagine the additional beauty of the Fall colors.

  • Love my S-R filters. Awesome work man!

  • Lovely image and the light is very cool.