Lake Isabelle

I’ve been wanting to visit Lake Isabelle for quite some time now.  I finally made the trek up to the lake about a month ago. Lake Isabelle is located in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area just outside of Ward, Colorado.  My wife and one of my daughters were gung-ho enough to get up for the 3am wake up call and drive up for the early morning sunrise hike.  The hike itself is only 2.1 miles, but does steepen quite a bit for the last 1/4 mile.  We didn’t quite make it up to the lake in time to capture the alpenglow, but still glad we made the trek.  The lake is at treeline in a valley and framed by Navajo (13,409′), Apache (13,441′), and Shoshoni (12,967′) peaks.  It’s a beautiful lake and still had some wildflowers in bloom which added to the scenery.

Lake Isabelle
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  • Stunning image Rick. I do love your landscapes.

  • Awesome landscape and location Rick. Just beautiful.

  • I would totally get up at 3AM to hike to this with you!

  • Heroic effort. I haven’t been to Colorado in years, but the number of high-altitude peaks seemed endless. Great stuff.

  • Great shot Rick! My wife and I love the Indian Peaks area!

  • That looks a pretty good Alpenglow to me, Rick. The foreground provides the contrast and you’ve done a good job on controlling the contrast in that shadow area.