Lake Marie

The Snowy Range is one of the new places I had a chance to visit this year.  It’s only about 3 hours away and definitely a place I need to go back to and explore in more detail. The trip to Lake Marie was just a quick stop along the way to the Grand Tetons, but the early morning sunrise at Lake Marie just left me wanting more. There was still quite a bit of snowpack in the area for our June trip and trails and walkways were only accessible via snowshoe. The Snowy Range held up to its name.

This sunrise shot unfortunately was not greeted with much cloud cover, but the reflection off of Lake Marie was still an awesome site for the eyes, especially as the alpenglow hit the top of the Medicine Bow Peak.  Medicine Bow Peak is the highest point in Southern Wyoming at 12,013 feet.

Lake Marie in the Snow Mountain Range, Wyoming
Lake Marie in the Snowy Mountain Range, Wyoming – Click to Enlarge

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  1. Absolutely stunning, my friend, breathtaking! That reflection and the snow work perfectly together to create a strong sense of peace instantly!

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