Last Dollar Road

I met up with fellow Colorado Photographer Ryan Wright and Casey Shipley this weekend down in the Gunnison/Crested Butte area to capture the fall colors in southern Colorado.  We had a great day of shooting around Kebler Pass and Ohio Pass.  On the final day I split from them and ventured further southwest toward Ridgway/Ouray/Telluride area for a final day of shooting before heading home.  I did not get much sleep this weekend but did take in some of the most beautiful scenery Colorado has to offer.

This area contains Wilson Peak, which is on the label for Coors Beer and the many of the scenes from the western movie True Grit, starring John Wayne. The San Juan Mountains are sun-drenched in colorful aspens and it’s just one beautiful scene after another.  Every few 1/8th mile in the car seemed like another photo opportunity.

My final adventure took me along Last Dollar Road.  It’s a hidden gem of a jeep trail that takes you from Ridgway to Telluride. Luckily we have had fairly dry weather and the road is passable by passenger car (barely), but rain will make this a trail a 4-wheeled venture only. Looking down in the valley on the final descent gave me this beautiful scene filled with a full color spectrum of aspens. This is truly Colorful Colorado.

Last Dollar Road
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  1. Wow Rick, this is outstanding imagery. Can’t believe how far along the colors are there. The leaves around here won’t start turning for a another week or two. Wish I was there taking some shots although I am not sure they would be as good as this one.

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