Let There Be Light

I think Spring is just around the corner.  The warmth is starting to come through, but there is still a hint of chill in the air.  I’m definitely ready for the warm weather and for the foliage to start blooming.

The road to Mt. Evans in closed this time of year. There is just too much snow and the road has yet to be plowed.  This image was from a warm summer day, but early in the morning up above 14,000 ft. it can still be rather frigid.  I was up capturing the sunrise this morning and unfortunately there was a little too much cloud cover, but as I ventured around the mountain top in the blowing cold wind, the sun finally started to come up above the cloud cover. I loaded down the tripod with the weight of my camera bag and some rocks and was able to keep it steady enough to capture this image of the sun’s rays piercing through the clouds.  The valley floor was still fairly dark except for the patches of snow along the ground.

Sunrise view from the top of Mt.Evans, Colorado.  The sun is finally coming up over the cloud cover with rays of sunshine over the valley below.
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9 thoughts on “Let There Be Light

  1. As we say in the UK ‘the early bird catches the worm’. Well worth the early start. Wonderful rays from the sunburst. What a glorious sight. Great image, Rick

  2. LOve those clouds and the sun’s rays Rick. I drove up Mt Evans years ago as it was described as the highest paved road in the world. Don’t know if that’s really true, but it is a great place to shoot as you have proven.

    1. Mt. Evans still is the highest paved road in North America at 14,265 ft. I think they just finished paving the road to the top of Pikes Peak, but it’s only 14,115 ft.

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